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In trying to find the One Ring of Sauron to rule the different social media pipes with our venture I’m left chewing coffee beans just to attempt to focus.  Hopefully that’s just the setup; but now I have a twitter – the NA has a twitter ‘@nerdaristocracy’ and I see these 140 characters of some we’re following and it’s like walking into a singles bar with ten minutes left in happy hour and everyone has a chunk cut out of their tongue for blaspheming Mohammed.

In my private twitter ‘@ryanreinike’ I’ve decided to follow the adventures of ‘slutwhoremanuel’ who I added when simply searching ‘whore’ as it seemed fun at the time when creating the account.  The I found this user and I was like “Wow, an online manual for sluts and whores, obviously”.  Oh my folly, it seems it is no such thing.  ‘slutwhoremanuel’ just seems to be some douche bag of the highest caliber and like a retarded jester suffering from meningitis, I have allowed him to remain in my court as his grunts and slobbering cause me amusement and horrid fascination at was man is capable of being twisted into.  Here are a few choice moments….

3 days ago

When something is missing in your life, it usually turns out to be someone.

3 days ago

soooo @mykalbear and I need to loose our virginity tomorrow. we were gonna wait till marriage, but we’re boys and we have our needs… {This one is confusing, not sure if he’s speaking for all ‘boykind’ or if he’s bi-}

2 days ago

#FF GIRLS I WANT TOO SIT ON MY FACE @crystalmoxy @NataliMarie @wtfcandice @LilMissCuntCake @ayyeeandie

2 days ago

Goodbye Prudey McPrude and hello Slutty McSluttenstein!

1 day ago

my birthday is coming up soon. ill be in VEGAS. I wonder if I’ll get some birthday sex???

1 day ago

oh shit home alone and watching “Enchanted”

I hope that is enlightening for some of you.  There before the grace of God…  Why is abortion looked down upon again?

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