Ep03: Shave the Arts?


Who's gonna notice?

Jonathan and Ryan get the respect they deserve from Mr. Awesome voice. Jonathan apologizes for dropping the ball on his mafia coverage. Ryan sees the possibility of employ with Fox News. J.C. Penny scraps it’s beloved 6 page lingerie catalog that has 294 pages of other stuff in it to make it seem legit. A Nerd call to arms to save some of the little federal spending that’s invested in the arts each year. New dance craze “Moving Like Berney” has the guys looking for zombie panic rooms. Some chat about the Nintendo 3DS, the DOJ checking up in your ISP and some wisdom from the TI.


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  1. Jeffrey Brown 01/28/2011, 7:12 pm:

    I could deal with Megan Kelly with some bridge glue over her mouth

  2. ryan 01/28/2011, 10:39 pm:

    Waiting for the Fox News swimsuit calendar. And sassy Mr. May: Glenn Beck and his pecs…

    • Jeffrey Brown 01/28/2011, 10:52 pm:

      If I could have a tenth of what Glenn Beck makes, I would do his job and take off my glasses in less bravado. That guy is such a clown. not that I’m slandering.

    • Jonathan 02/02/2011, 4:13 pm:

      Watch this vid, I think y’all may enjoy it…


      • Jeffrey Brown 02/05/2011, 1:18 pm:

        Thats pretty funny. I would have liked a more hypocratic end to Beck. I dont like the guy at all and enjoy montages of him being stupid more than montages of him being partially right and taking credit.

  3. ryan 02/02/2011, 7:23 pm:

    Golden! props to Rebellious Pixels for that gem. Just imagining what they went through to edit that… all the hours of Beck

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