Ep05: Does the Meat Match the Feet?


Apparently, they are one and the same.

We start off on the wrong foot from incorrect application of Spanish, inappropriate language characterizations, ignorant assertions, mispronunciation of the English language and skid thru the process of wrangling women in the interest of trying to get a girlfriend.  Then we move on to Jonathan’s desire to dabble in the exciting world of metal detecting and his take on True Blood.  More on the front to bring back the Great Bluedini and rediscovering Dunkaroos.  Ryan tutors Jonathan on how to enter the world of coffee appreciation on a budget.  Magnifying glasses are splendid, rotting vermin in your duct work is not.  The guys examine their nerd diet, And Ryan goes off on tablet computers and Lord of the Rings.

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  1. Jeffrey Brown 02/11/2011, 6:37 am:

    I had forgot about them robbing us of our culture. Where can I find more bout the GOP raping our artists.

    • ryan 02/11/2011, 8:21 am:

      There’s this fantastic, obscure website you may be unaware of; it’s what is known as a ‘search engine’, but it’s not really a machine-like ‘engine': it’s a web page -located at ‘www.google.com’ when you get there use some search terms like ‘republicans arts’ and tell me the ratio of benevolent relationships in the articles you find versus negative ones.

      • Jeffrey Brown 02/11/2011, 3:30 pm:

        Wow Ryan! That’s amazing! That is why I trust the Nerd Aristocracy with all of my tech support and nerd related needs! If you liked this comment chain you may also enjoy: the ASPCA commercials, the musings of Glenn Beck, and the Nerd Aristocracy podcast!

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