Ep15: Lint Licking


Catching up on a great week all around with general gripes!  Ryan blows an acting gig by attempting to believe in a worth for himself and the guys wax on about negotiating with people who hold the ‘fuck you’ card.  Jonathan has tooth pain from hell and a PC virus from hell.  Red-letter episode as we have our first call-in guest, commercial actress extraordinaire Jesse Meriwether, who we talk the business that is show with: including being a parent, best and worst gigs, people who sucks karma getting the better of them and some production experiences.  Tidy wrap up with an Osama death photo release prediction, PlayStation Network still down (der), Nerding Out on pain and Twin Peaks and a live execution on the podcast!


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  1. Jeffrey Brown 05/12/2011, 5:28 pm:

    I fear for the life of the Green Latern film. Im sure you saw that comedic actor Ryan Renolds is starting. That is a mega fail and i am predisappointed. And what is your opinion of on finding film notoriety through youtube? That is a new and relevant avenue of performance today. I would recommend anyone with a camera and friends who wants to self produce a film for cheap to throw it up there or start a channel. For those not as talented as Mrs. Meriwether it is a golden opportunity to do sketch comedy.

  2. ryan 05/13/2011, 6:55 am:

    I have mixed feelings about Ryan Reynolds… one: he shares my name, has boned Scarlett Johansson, is wildly successful and is cut like a cheese grater and two: I’ve not yet skinned his face to pretend I’m him. You should see ‘Buried’ just him on screen… the guy is good, I hate to keep liking him much like DiCaprio back in the day, but every time I see something new I just like ‘em more.
    True dat about YouTube, in fact Ms. Meriwether has some clips up there she’s done herself with just a few people involved, you can see more at her YouTube channel.

  3. Shawn 05/13/2011, 7:38 am:

    Looks like Romanians can now enjoy the rants of Gold Coast Nerds. Enjoying the show. Paticularly enjoy Ryans apple updates and Spin the news. You two checking your popularity meeters in IMDB is pretty funny stuff.

  4. Jeffrey Brown 05/13/2011, 5:30 pm:

    I’m not ashamed of loving Ryan Reynolds cause he is a talented COMEDIC actor and I can watch his movies in a marathon. But I fear this pick for Green Latern. But I’m not a comic nerd. Was the Green Latern supposed to be funny?

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