Ep17: Heartbreak Hotel



Jonathan’s pain goes to the core from his ripped out tooth a few weeks ago to flu, and now his heart is eviscerated by what was once referred to as ‘the girlfriend’. We spend some time as Jonathan blows off the boil from being burned and Ryan manages to be polite and not crack wise; he is now seeking medical attention for his teeth-severed tongue. If you just want the light stuff skip on to 57:35 after the break where we pick up with some of the best breakup songs as recommended by our audience, the missed Rapture, how rape is like a flat tire and more.


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  1. JBrown 05/27/2011, 2:46 pm:

    I dont want to make light of your plight (bonus points for rhyming) but the term Missionary Dating might inspire a short film from me.

  2. Jonathan 05/27/2011, 5:49 pm:

    No sweat, just pay me some residuals. And by residuals, I mean a Lortab RX and some refills.

    Your fellow nerd,

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