Hostel Takeover


First off, let me just congratulate myself on the wittiness of the title of this blog. See, I’m talking about hipster music in this post, and I change the spelling from “hostile” to “hostel”… because hipsters like hostels.  Amazing.

I digress. In the upcoming episode (Episode 21), I talk about the online ad-blitz I’ve been bombarded with, featuring the worst rapper in the history of all things that could remotely be defined as hip-hop, Kreayshawn. In any case, I am posting four screenshots of said examples below. I would rather see commercials for NASCAR tickets, or Axe Body Spray, or something else I will never consider buying.

Why dost the advertising world hate me?



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  1. ryan 06/25/2011, 12:59 pm:

    You’ve answered your own question, my friend…

    “Why dost the advertising world hate me?”

    “…I will never consider buying.”

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