Ep35: Wax On


Hemlock: the point-maker

Ryan pays for it and recounts former girlfriends, disparagingly young in this case. this leads into a chat about relationship age ranges.  Jonathan does not want to have sex with Ryan’s wife with his compliments of her comeliness, we talk dolling up for going out.  Speaking of snazzing out: Blue Light Special, fedoras on fire sale at a closing K-Mart near you!  Hats beget the need for what?  Hat racks, of course.  Jonathan schools Ryan on this thing called football and New Orleans Saints player Steve Gleason inspires us beyond ourselves.  The wisdom of the ages, put on your oxygen tank, because this session is about to get deep.

The new Modern Library addition about historical awesomeness of the Civil War, virtual monkeys are actually scripting Shakespeare in between flinging virtual poo. R.E.M. is breaking up (or would it be waking up, if your R.E.M. ceases?).  Hipster whose only creation is criticism, doubt, and neckbeards preemptively blame Lana Del Rey for selling out.  Neil Patrick Harris enjoys being a ‘sell out’, ‘whore’, and probably a couple of cool cars and a nice career he can be proud of.  Lessons of compromising your voice to tune into the ears of an audience.  Cajun Mikes featuring the most awesome sandwich board in New Orleans.  Happy B-Day, Jim Henson.


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Bumper Music: “The Man Who Played God” w/Suzanne Vega from the album Dark Night of the Soul by Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse.

Note: The Simpson’s episode Ryan referenced was “Last Exit To Springfield” from The Simpson’s Season 4. Available from Amazon.com below.





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