Ep37:This was Halloween


Annnnnd we’re back! The boys are back in town. At least for a few minutes… then they are back permanently. Did the guys kill Gaddafi? Proletariat concerns as to The Aristocracy’s health, are put to rest. The prolonged absence is explained. The guys give tips on job security, and dole out tips on keeping a job and getting a raise. Different strokes for different folks. On the job attire gets discussed, and Ryan dishes on his new Shaolin monastery style work environment. What did the guys do for Halloween? Find out! As they dish some solid recaps from All Hallows Eve. Jonathan was financially raped at VooDoo Fest, and has to endure his own terror involving emo-music and Mick Jagger knock-offs. Songs written according to templates are bad, headliners playing their greatest hits at concerts is good. Jonathan takes a break to eat some of Ryan’s daughters candy, to solidify his place in Hell. Creative Halloween costumes on a budget, and Jonathan struggles with latex (nothing new there). The Noid, Max Headroom, and other 80’s pop-culture icons. The guys discuss some scary movies including In The Mouth of Madness, and Meghan is Missing. What makes a horror movie, blood and guts or psychological terror? Ryan recounts a terrifying Emergency Room visit, and the guys send us out. 37 is in the books!


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