Ep39:The Sexpert


Sexual Health Expert Erin Barnes

Tonight! We welcome long-awaited guest, Sexual Health Expert Erin Barnes. Erin joins the fun, and enlightens us on many topics. Erin provides care and education related to sexuality, pregnancy, STD’s, abortion, abuse, and relationships. She is also a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner with a Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Care Center, responding to sexual assaults, and providing crisis counseling, medical care, and collecting forensic evidence. On top of that, she is a Clinician with a client-centered Women’s Clinic, working in the operating room, and doing ultrasound, recovery, and pregnancy assessment. Erin joins the talk and schools us on all sorts of great things including forensic sex toys (not what you think), and how C.S.I. is not like real life. Learn how a Canadian endured Hurricane Katrina! We talk setting career goals, and we get into some serious talk regarding sexual assault. We talk HPV, facts, treatment, and solutions. Panels are now recommending it for boys, whats the deal? Erin educates us on women’s health initiatives, and what the Proletariat can do. We congratulate Mississippi voters on rejecting Prop 26, the “Personhood” amendment. This leads to talk on religion, Geek Sex, and abortion. Though the three aren’t mutually exclusive. The mood lightens as Erin dishes on what she’s nerding on… Hint: Winter Is Coming. We talk cold weather and hot acting skills. We get back on the sex talk and discuss sexual kinks, forays, and origins. Where’s the line on sexual fetishes? Polygamy: Not just for Mormons anymore. Moving on: the new Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and Jonathan’s “Falling Down” style day. C-Spire customer service blows. Managerial decisions and delegations. Inflation hits office supplies… the joys of capitalism! Office Depot’s impending death. Then we put a bow on it!

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  1. Erin Barnes 11/15/2011, 9:27 am:

    Just listening to the episode and want to correct myself on something I said. In my excitement to be on the show (!!!) I didn’t say that I was part of a TEAM that developed a cervical cancer screening program. A team! I later ran the clinical program, but I didn’t develop the thing on my own – that’s crazy talk!!

    Love, your favourite Sexpert.

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