Ep41: Fro-20



The guys get to it on Episode 41 with talk of fortune cookies, and ridding oneself of canines. Child rearing and financial splurges are discussed. Ryan needs Viagra for his trash cans. Stealing for the environment, and Jonathan gives some life rules and advice. Jonathan reviews the J. Edgar film from his “Son of a G-man” perspective, which leads into a socio-economic breakdown of the Twilight fanbase. Ryan reviews a hip-harp concert, and speaks about religious production value and holy concert lighting. Jonathan seeks help from the Proletariat on religious nomenclature. Anne Rice’s two cents are put in, and the FBI infiltrates the NOPD… in a good way. The guys discuss showers, and not the golden kind. Some interesting drug-related medical studies are mulled over, which leads to college stories, and an analysis of Sherlock Holmes’ substance abuse. Does weight loss equal penis growth? We wrap it up with talk of artificial sweeteners and a preview of Episode 42 with guest Amy J! This Week in Nerd History and that’s that for Episode 41. Give it a whirl!

Bumper music ~ electric harpist: Deborah Henson-Conant ‘Way You Are Blues’ studio version; free download at www.HipHarp.com


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