Ep43:Debbie Downer


Summary to come… just listen to the show and then tell a friend about it, that’s pretty much the sum of it.


Outro Music is from Mozart’s Requiem in D Minor, K 626 – 1. Introitus_ Requiem Aeternam

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  1. Jeffrey Brown 01/14/2012, 3:12 pm:

    Any tv show that fails to acknowledge relief as a necessary writing element in a script is doomed to piss away viewers at every rest stop. Much love for Cranston though. I left lost before it was over because I didn’t feel it should take that long for the story to reach it’s resolution. If you’re a serious show with a defined plot and you’re out of your fifth season you need to start thinking about when it’s appropriate to pull the plug, if only to preserve the integrity of the narrative.

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