Ep45:Corporate Music


Episode 45 welcomes in 2012, and the boys are back in town… or back on the air waves… or digital waves… whatever, we digress. Jonathan bellyaches about his bellyaches, and Ryan explains his holiday traditions involving the homeless, and as usual, it’s not what you think. Equine corn consumption, lice racing, and amputee jokes abound. Ryan discusses personal family crises, and plays the “I have a child” card. The guys have a consultation on consulting. Ryan and his wife give their daughter the “Best Christmas Ever”! Jonathan outlines the extravagant Christmas dinner he iron-chefed. Ryan updates us on his new job, and talks about the job security of his colleagues. “It’s the economy, stupid!” Old vs. Young, and modern day marketing of real estate. It’s more interesting than it sounds, we promise. Jonathan discusses his platform for breeding out racism, and the guys discuss potential and/or possible “New Years Resolutions”.  Also discussed is the size of the President’s balls. Ryan gives a brief, but effective explanation of S.O.P.A., and Jonathan points out some Republican hypocrisy, as he is want to do. Ryan lays out his plan for effective media operations. The guys nerd out for the first time this year, and a Geico theme closes out the show.

Music used in this episode:

“Into The Wild” by L.P.

“Central Daylight Time” by The Wrinkle Neck Mules


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