Ep46:Throw Momma from the Soul Train


Episode 46 hits its stride this week. The guys talk hats, Halloween, and Halloween hats. Dictator deaths, Faces of Death, bad parenting and science fairs. Jonathan’s lumberjack experience, and his “wheelin’ and dealin’ “, as he puts it. The Nerd Marketplace is suggested and agreed upon… Shout-out to Proletariat member AmyJ for using our AMAZON CLICK THRU! Use it! Now! It’s right over there on the right side of the page. Do it, you know you wanna… In any case, Jonathan discusses his latest Amazon purchase. Flaccid aloe vera plants, and talk of venus fly traps. Jonathan gives us an update on his latest adventures in couponing. Our break-time music choice honors the lovely Ms. Etta James, may she rest in piece. Star Wars Dance Party, and its change of venue. George Lucas and his horse-abusive tendencies. The obligatory, but well-deserved, Game Of Thrones chatter precedes another mention of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo series. Super Bowl talk, albeit brief, and friend-of-the-show Jesse Meriwether gets a mention. Jonathan channels his inner fat kid, which may have turned into an outer fat adult. The guys move into some discussion of the illustrious Golden Girls tv show. Ryan gives Jonathan a congratulatory high-five over his Total Recall abilities. Ryan shoots his Apple load over the possibility of a new Apple TV. He then proceeds to give free stock tips. Bad reality tv and donkey shows, doth not equal good reality donkey shows. Ryan talks about some big blue balls, and Jonathan gives some “This Week In Nerd History”. The guys nerd out, and Episode 46 gets put to bed, as does Don Cornelius. God rest his SOUL.

Music in this episode:

At Last – Etta James

Tsop (Soul Train Theme Song) (Re-Recorded / Remastered) – Don Cornelius

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