Ep47:The Brown Note


Episode 47 kicks off with Ryan talking for 47 hours about his job. Kidding. It was closer to 46. Luckily, his job as a male prostitute (gender of client) is compelling. Ryan sounds vaguely racist, but don’t worry, he hates white people too. Jonathan rants about his hatred for tv law enforcement dramas. Ryan dishes on his wife’s V-day present and gives plugs to two websites that don’t pay us any money. (He’s obviously a cheap ho’.) Jonathan receives an early birthday package from friend of the show AmyJ. Then JBell regales us with a preview of his coming weekend including a scheduled trip to see his friend Buddy’s performance with the Air Force’s Tops In Blue Tour. We stay with trombone talk as we jam out to a recording of Proletariat member Jessica Brown’s skills. The guys both preview Mardi Gras, and Jonathan breaks out his Mardi Gras schedule. He then opens up about how his 2 year old nephew needs serious nerd fundamentals education. Ryan discusses his Lovecraft love, which leads to an post-mortem intellectual property discussion. Jonathan sends out residuals karma, and Ryan discusses his role in Texas Killing Fields. Ryan is “nerling” on stuff, and his daughter (read: Ryan) wins the science fair. The show is topped off with a little more jazz from The Del City Community Jazz Orchestra, and we put it to bed. Night night nerds!





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