Ep48: Old Gold


The guys feel their age, then discuss the ins and outs of grave robbery and post-mortem desecration. Ryan gives tips on how to win a science fair (on behalf of your son or daughter). Jonathan talks about hitting the 6 month mark in his relationship. The guys talk V-Day, and using Amazon.com (see link in sidebar ->. Practicality versus desire, the age-old debate. Jonathan boo-hoos about rainy days, and the flea market. This flows into a discussion on Mardi Gras. Jonathan recaps his depressing patronage at a non-New Orleans Mardi Gras parade. The guys admit to never seeing movies in the theatre. Ryan review the animated film, “Ringo”, then gives some tv recommendations. Jonathan defends his disdain of Breaking Bad, then returns the tv recommendation favor. Ryan has a nerdgasm over “Downton Abbey”, and invents the adjective “peacocky”. Jonathan talks about slapping the butts of film professionals. The guys progess into talking about some current events (deaths). Jonathan attempts to use the slang of the churrin’, as Ryan desires a large black man. Jonathan walks like an Egyptian, and requests pirated media from Ryan, with no respect for the law. Former Saints football coach Jim Mora provides the half-time chuckles. Adele’s break from music is discussed. Ryan sings the more-than-slightly limp-wristed praises of the band Muse. Jonathan gives a half-ass Twitter lesson, and the guys talk about enlisting the help of friend-of-the-show Amy J. Ryan addresses his expanding used-car dealership. Ryan’s Public Indecency Tips! Jonathan reminisces on a “chicken-head car”, then speaks about his “Venus Fly Trap” action. Strange, that one. The guys nerd out, and that’ll do it!

MUSIC IN THIS EPISODE: Muse, “Undisclosed Desires” from ‘The Resistance’ album.




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