Ep49: Hibitchi Grill


Ryan is accosted by giggling teenagers, and not in the good “have to pay for it” kind of way. Jonathan reflects on turning 30. Jonathan recaps his Henry Rollins concert attendance. Ryan celebrates Jonathan’s birthday by eating Asian food… without Jonathan. The guys discuss their mutual love of personal space. Jonathan gives some stock tips. (*Note: Jonathan Bell is not a certified financial planner). Ryan explains how one can financially benefit from economic and political turmoil, then explains why John Q. Nerd will not be able to cash-in on the Facebook I.P.O. Ryan’s plans of becoming a tyrannical sheik begin to form. Ryan calls Jonathan “an all-around vice-user”, and Jonathan does not take offense. The guys discuss the recent apprehension of Lulzsec core members. After the break, Jonathan and Ryan resume a smoke break chat regarding Jonathan’s desire to buy stock in dollar store chains. Ryan continues his weekly series, “How to do all of your kid’s schoolwork for her.” The guys discuss their future plans for a bygone holiday. Jonathan talks about the Spring Film Series in New  Orleans’ City Park. The fellows talk about British BBC tv shows, and Ryan’s new found love of them. Ryan shares a Netflix family viewing idea: Malcolm in the Middle. The guys nerd out and put a bow on it!

bumper music is a YouTube video here:

By WIZWILLIAMS103  ‘Dollar Store’


outro is Sarah Silverman’s ‘I Love You More’



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