Ep50:Teenage Mutant Ninja Nerds


  Episode 50 has arrived! That’s right, nerds. FIFTY! That’s like, half a hundred! Ryan explains his recent absence and promises to improve his availability. The boys discuss personal space in public, and their fondness there-of. Ryan bitches about a idiot-savant co-worker. Jonathan bitches about complex Game of Thrones character exposition. Somehow, the boys wind up talking about 3-d dinosaur nipples. This leads to Ryan giving a detailed explanation of how he plans to fellate Michael Bay… under one condition. Ryan gives us some tips on how to pick an original Ninja Turtle out of a line-up.  Dystopian thoughts on movie ticket pricing, which transforms into an impromptu “Ryan’s Movie Reviews”. Half Time brings us the audio to the trailer for JAWS 3-D. Ryan proudly announces Jonathan’s entrance into the Apple family. Jonathan seems lost. What’s new? Ryan gives an unsponsored commercial for WarbyParker.com  This leads to lots of juicy nerd talk about glasses. Ryan calls J a square-head, and tells him he needs fake glasses. Ryan then puts his “Man Talk!” cap on and talks about some car fixin’! He also discusses breakin’ nuts, prior to another unsponsored shout-out, this time it’s for Auto-Zone. Jonathan discusses Keith Olbermann’s latest tv departure. Ryan explains the Asshole Quotient Meter. The guys talk about their latest roller derby adventure. Ryan gives a shout-out to AfterSunsetTV.com . Jonathan wraps it up with a “Feel Shitty Story”. Episode 50 wraps up with a theme you’ll probably recognize… Thanks for 50 episodes nerds! Nerd up and Nerd on!




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