Ep51:Working Class Zer0es


Ryan gets acknowledged. Ryan tells a long story about work, but fear not, the uses the phrase, “retarded child king.” Jonathan gets hosed… and not in the good way. The guys discuss good company, and bad crawfish. Jonathan’s interview skills are complimented. Talking Vaginas and theatre reviews. Jonathan gives movie reviews. The guys talk artistic inspiration and theology. Two old nerds discuss Hollywood’s over-reliance on C.G.I. Half-time comes with the audio from the Sally Struthers’ College infomercial. A true mecca of education. We return with a Ryan rant on anti-piracy tool Cinevia, and Jonathan has some questions. Ryan gives some friendly… “rumors” on how one might get around Cinevia’s functionality. Jonathan complains about upcoming technical expenditures. This opens up Ryan for a Mac-rant. Jonathan is nerding on the iPhone, and Ryan requests a brief Siri demonstration. If Jonathan gets arrested this month, the Tax Man Cometh!


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