Ep52: Teh Rodent King



The guys are back with Episode 52! Jonathan muses on what it would be like to kill Ryan, and replace him. They discuss Ryan’s hosting abilities (social events, not awards shows). “That awkward moment” is discussed. Ideas on how to get rid of after hours clingers. Ryan sells out his vegetarianism for the sake of male bonding. Ryan’s wife’s gumbo is discussed, and it’s numerous ingredients will make your mind explode. Ryan gives a frank grading of the dish. Jonathan gives a music history lesson that may, or may not, be true. This is followed by lots and lots of nerdy music talk (thus, all the links below). The comedian led war on record companies is discussed. The future of who controls the media is underway… and the guys discuss it. Halftime brings us Fun’s hit single, “We Are Young”. We resume with the second act, and some more music talk. The guys have a brilliant idea for moving vinyl records. Irony comes calling when the guys chastise music nerds. Hello Pot, meet Kettle. The guys discuss their limited revenue options, with regards to the podcast. Ryan talks about rats of past and present. The guys nerd out, and that does it for Episode 52!

*Half-time music is Fun; outro music is from the albumĀ  ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ by Dangermouse & Sparklehorse, song is ‘Little Girl’, featuring Julian Casablancas (frontman of the Strokes).

*The Rodent King image is art by some pretentious artist known as ‘Daarken’, but his douchebaggey name can be mitigated by his awesome art of Nicodemus from The Secret of NIMH.


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