Ep55: Slumlord Millionaire


Ryan celebrates his anniversary and Jonathan gives stellar parenting criticism & tips only the parentless can give.  Ryan gives his take on ‘The Avengers’ and is jazzed Neil Gaiman’s ‘American Gods’ is officially slated to be produced by HBO.  Ray Bradbury passes from this mortal coil.  Top movies on the charts from a fraking month ago.  The boys disagree on the relative awfulness of Sasha Baron Cohen.  Ryan wants to become a slumlord, and JBell gives his sagely advice on how to conquer.  Nerding on ‘American Gods’ audiobook (again), Game of Thrones books and some drums.


Outro music rampaged from Adam Kurtz via YouTube!  Give the page a visit and give the guy a view and a ‘Nerd Up!’ Adam Kurtz – “Slum Lord” – Live in the Kitchen 2.4.09 – YouTube

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