Ep57: Grand Pappi’s Candlestick


Education in Afghanistan, Jonathan to Chi-town, this Old House with Ryan and way too much bathroom humor.  The force of sacrifice, Ryan serves those who are serving us.  Some Apple chatter – mapping troubles of iOS, iCloud, and Jonathan’s resistance to sync with iTunes.  Do you hear the people sing?  You will in December as we talk about the film adaptation of the classic rom-com ‘Les Miserables’.  This gives us an entrance into an entertainment segment: The Emmys happened, Modern Family, Showtime’s Homeland, Downton Abbey season 3 beginnings, the Hobbit impending trilogy, and HBO’s Game Change review about Sarah Palin’s part in the 2008 election which segways gracefully into political overview of the election game where polarization is the Republican mantra of candidate undoing.  Youtube Nerding On recommendations: Amazing Stories and God Bless America.  Ryan’s final review on Stephen King’s opus the Dark Tower series.  Jonathan Nerds On ‘A Song of Fire and Ice’ book 1: Game of Thrones.

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