Ep28: Love Thy Neighbor


Whoo boy! Another site hack, aren’t we popular? Ryan catches us up with some neighborly love as Jonathan rekindles affection with the New Orleans Saints in their first pre-season game. Abercrombie & Fitch is unhappy about their current “Situation” of douchedom. Lebowski Fest comes, and the fans abide. Tithe the Crown! Click our Amazon link before you buy that thing you don’t really need, but oh-so deserve, and you shall strengthen the dominion of the Aristocracy! Ryan on Rango, gives way to talk about CGI kids flicks and dark films for kids of yore. Jonathan works over ‘The Help’ , and we deny the allegations that they are bringing to court. “Left here, you turn… mmyesss”: Garmin rolls out the force of assisted driving with Yoda and Darth Vader packs. A shot and a haircut: two fav’s at the R-Bar in New Orleans. “Can you spot me a BMW?”: this weeks coolest ‘solid’. Swarminoid and MABEL: meet your new overlords. Man, finches are so gay. Breaking news: Processed meats can be bad for you. Celebrity Tweet of the Week, This Week in Nerd History, nerding out on the iPad, rants about ebooks and cheaters of online Scrabble!

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Nerd on the Street: Star Wars Dance Party



We take to New Orleans for this installment of Nerd on the Street to the infamous spaceport locally known as 1135 Decatur.  You will never find a more wretched hive of nerd and villainy.  We must be cautious.

Please leave comments on the YouTube video page.  Nerd up!
Hyper props to:
Klipar, for use of his Imperial March (Original) available @ http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/imperial-march-ep/id407734049

Members of the 501st online @ http://LA501st.com

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Colbert SuperPac: Parry Write-in


I thought it was a shame it got pulled from YouTube…

I thought it was a shame we had to watch this on MSNBC thru some fellow’s lens who is desparately trying to look as not liberal as possible on the most liberal-slanted network since PBS…

…so we Nerded it onto our site:



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Ep27: Hollywood Hold’em


with a great hand comes great responsibility...

Welcome nerds, Ryan goes off on the dissolution care in food prep especially among the so-called Sandwich-Artists of Subways. Ryan’s kid goes back to school and avoids an in-home ‘accident’ from occurring. Hollywood-hold’em: Tobey ‘Spiderman’ Maguire and other Hollywood hullabaloos being sued for winning at poker. Thrasher Magazine founder bows out- of life. Corpse found in chimney of bank in Louisiana after curing for 28 years. Operation Shady RAT: McAfee Security details what they believe to be a concerted cyberattack that other security firms have dismissed since this recording. Saving grace: this brings up 80’s film call backs: WarGames and Cloak & Dagger featuring Dabny Coleman. Unholy alliance: Microsoft and Apple join patent gobbling rampage to attempt to hobble Google’s strength. San Diego Comi-Con wraps up. Welcome Ally DMC at blog Preserved Disorder.

Jonathan rekindles an old love: Pearl Drops Tooth Polisher. our impressions of shark week and some nature shows and why WGBH rules. Speaking of public television: Antiques Roadshow reveals most expensive antiquity to date! List of Lists: Biggest Party Schools, Least Social-Media Cities, National Drop Out Rates, Kinkiest City. Star check on IMDB: Star Rater Meetings as Ryan mangles it with out missing a beat, JBell gives a shout out to an upcoming film Ryan is sure to be cut out of: The Texas Killing Fields. More Lists: Box Office, Top Billboard Singles. Celebrity Tweet of the week: Levar Burton.




Top 5 Singles This Week Available on Mp3 from Amazon:



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Ep26: Leaving New Orleans

Sith Lord Darth Cage didn't fare as well as us...

Sith Lord Darth Cage didn't fare as well as us...

Hot time, summer in the city: Ryan is a pale nazi alien in his black wife beater (an equal opportunity garment). The fellas recount the New Orleans 1135 Decatur Star Wars Dance Party from fearing being gunned down getting Burger King to questioning if they should ever again believe it is a good idea to be using a video camera while under the influence of alcohol; Nerding around with some Proletariat in N.O., meeting new nerds, avoiding fisticuffs with a disgruntled homeless filmmaker and after sobering up from bringing in the dawn, Jonathan realizes we’re not as young and resilient as we once may have been.

Listener feed back! Proletariat cries for Nerd History, female-centric Nerd News, and podcast chapter markers… Well, one outta three ain’t bad: Jonathan presents This Week in Nerd History. Coming back: 120 Minutes on MTV with loved host, Matt Pinfield. New forum for your creations: ProletariART! New developments on famed master thief: D.B. Cooper. Nerding Out: Ryan on Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares (U.K.); Jonathan on filing papers with Zen-like OCD focus. Ryan suggests tax tips for Jonathan.


Show links:
New Proletariat Art forum: Nerd ProletariART

Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares (U.K.) on NetFlix

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Ep25: Dark Side of the Nerd



You don't know the POWER of the Dark Side

In the Nerd boat, we sail… Ryan noms on some Dan Brown, JBell noms and refines on his comedy material. Watch out, contemporary furniture, you’re on Ryan’s shit list with your unnecessarily bloated ways. Jonathan has an invention to revolutionize residential surge protection. Amy Winehouse passes on from this mortal coil. ‘Kids, don’t do drugs like an idiot’ is the message we take away. Ryan flirts with dog bollocks. Tango down: Anonymous hacker Topiary nabbed in Scotland and other hacker bytes… Ryan explains DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service) and the LOIC (Low Orbiting Ion Cannon). NFL (National Football League) / NFLPA (National Football League’s Players Association) lockout resolution; the Saints go marching in to practice! You can go marching into space starting November 30th; tickets to the international space station gives the average multimillionaire the chance to believe they can fly… and float. Is that aTrojan Asteroid in my Lagrangian point, or are you just happy to see me? New volcano type identified on the moon. Dark Side of OZ, how much drug intake makes this enjoyable and when idiots won’t shut up for a movie.


Salient developments of hacker-on-hacker Anonymous / LULZSEC / AntiSec news… LulzSec Exposed

LOIC – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The 2nd Annual Star Wars Dance Party, New Orleans | Events | Yelp

Outro music by Klipar (iTunes link)

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Ep24: Boy Faced Gurus


Boy Gurus thru the Ages

We start by energizing you with sad short tales and then move onto our first impressions of the new ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ teaser trailer. What are they doing? Jonathan asserts dislike for Sam Raimi’s take on ‘Spider-Man’ and Ryan asserts the ‘Watchmen’ film is an improvement upon the original graphic novel and that the film adaptation of ‘V for Vendetta’ is a celluloid travesty of abortive translation which brings us to discuss how we need to remind ourselves of why things piss us off every now and then… like Jeff Foxworthy: funny or should he die? Jonathan gets on a professional soap-box of sorts and defends the right of comedians to make people laugh, no matter how their brand of humor may offend and sicken his tastes. Anonymous / Lulzsec update as they mess with Rupert Murdoch’s empire. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Bling: when do religious artifacts become tomb-raidable? Technicolor Deluxe, two celluloid masters team up as business dwindles and Nerding out with Breaking Bad and Weeds.

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