After The Torment:

Ep40: O.C.D. Academy with Jason O’Brien


Our guest Jason O'Brien (left), gets photobombed by Oliver Stone.

Episode 40 live and direct! Well, recorded live anyway. Wait, is there any other way to record? We digress. We get the show rolling, right of the bat, as we start with this week’s guest: filmmaker, film historian, and Academy Awards expert Jason O’Brien. Jason joins the show, and schools us on the recent shake-ups in this year’s Oscar production. He then delivers an accurate guess as to whom the new host will be (this show was recorded more than 24 hours before the Academy released the info). Good job, Jason! Now tell us who will win the SuperBowl this year, and give us an estimate as to the score! Kthnx. Moving on, we talk about Jason’s latest endeavor in independent filmmaking, a short called After The Torment. We also discuss Jason’s long-running, and highly recommended podcast “Oscar, Oscar“.  A show many of the film nerds in the Proletariat will enjoy. After we say goodbye to Jason, Ryan declares victory, and celebrates his soon to be canine-free status. Jonathan discusses his shitty week, and his propensity to break all things electronic. Is Mercury in retrograde? Ryan starts a discussion on taking pride in your work. Yes. Believe it. The guys then discuss the basics of graphic design, and the psychology of such. The guys polish off the episode with a rousing discussion of Jonathan’s increasing O.C.D. tendencies. Nerd up!



Jason O’Brien’s After The Torment film website

Jason O’Brien’s “Oscar, Oscar” podcast



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