Ep30: Ain’t No Thang but a Nerd Wang


This guy is a certified Nerd Wang

Our sacred 30th anniversary limited edition show! Scients crack physics of coffee rings: Republicans rejoice at invitation to slash research funding. Last year’s ‘Wear Sunscreen’ is this years ‘Wear a Condom’. Bad attention is better than none at all in shitty relationships. Wisdom only begets more questions. Peter Jackson: awesome director and advocate for the West Memphis Three. The best roommate ever: a Craigslist dramatic reading by Mr. Jonathan Bell. Apple wins -somewhat- against Samsung. Dr. Feel Google: the Goog fined a petty 500M for pushing Canadian pharmaceuticals on U.S. searchers. Vampire bat kill Mexican: Republicans rejoice for ally against undocumented workers. Laxy Larry pill-infused brownies a no-go say FDA… wtf? Grab your glow sticks and drop the X, MDMA proven to be effective fighting some forms of cancer. This Week in Nerd History: We lost a loved one. List of Lists. Ryan nerds on Breaking Bad and sells is good.


Thanks to Dr. Frank Wang for his fun approach to math and seeming pretty awesome, visit his site: right here!

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Ep29: Casey at the Bat


This is us on the inside.

We have forgotten how to talk and descend into self examination, self questioning, self diagnosis, and discussion.  Ryan cooks up some Yorkshire puddings.  Jonathan conveys props to Ryan via The Proletariat concerning Nerd on the Street: Star Wars Dance Party. None of Jonathan’s core spheres of existence are popping right now and he’s feeling the suck. We go on to general suicide watch.

Lafayette Little League team, The Round Buns (unofficial name), are eliminated from the Little League World Series and Jonathan relates with the boys of summer with his own experiences in Little League. Darth Jobs steps down as CEO at Apple, leaving Tim Cook in the kitchen.  BART spokesman Linton Johnson gets pwned by Anonymous for suspending first amendment access by way of snuffing cellular phone ability during protests; this gives the LULZ boys some modicum of cred in our eyes for actually doing something kinda cool.  Nerd kid shines: 13 year old experiments with a new way to harvest solar energy.  HP throwing in the towel of hardware production: equally hilarious George Lopez is cancelled, and general discussion about the definition of unfunny: Craig Ferguson.  Mortal Kombat: Fight!  Now with Freddy Krueger!  We have the scoop on the new, unaforementioned HARRY POTTER movie that you most likely never saw coming!  Ryan nerds out on the Wheel of Time, and Jonathan has some strong Words with Friends.




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Ep27: Hollywood Hold’em


with a great hand comes great responsibility...

Welcome nerds, Ryan goes off on the dissolution care in food prep especially among the so-called Sandwich-Artists of Subways. Ryan’s kid goes back to school and avoids an in-home ‘accident’ from occurring. Hollywood-hold’em: Tobey ‘Spiderman’ Maguire and other Hollywood hullabaloos being sued for winning at poker. Thrasher Magazine founder bows out- of life. Corpse found in chimney of bank in Louisiana after curing for 28 years. Operation Shady RAT: McAfee Security details what they believe to be a concerted cyberattack that other security firms have dismissed since this recording. Saving grace: this brings up 80’s film call backs: WarGames and Cloak & Dagger featuring Dabny Coleman. Unholy alliance: Microsoft and Apple join patent gobbling rampage to attempt to hobble Google’s strength. San Diego Comi-Con wraps up. Welcome Ally DMC at blog Preserved Disorder.

Jonathan rekindles an old love: Pearl Drops Tooth Polisher. our impressions of shark week and some nature shows and why WGBH rules. Speaking of public television: Antiques Roadshow reveals most expensive antiquity to date! List of Lists: Biggest Party Schools, Least Social-Media Cities, National Drop Out Rates, Kinkiest City. Star check on IMDB: Star Rater Meetings as Ryan mangles it with out missing a beat, JBell gives a shout out to an upcoming film Ryan is sure to be cut out of: The Texas Killing Fields. More Lists: Box Office, Top Billboard Singles. Celebrity Tweet of the week: Levar Burton.




Top 5 Singles This Week Available on Mp3 from Amazon:



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Ep23: Game of Hillbillies


King Jim Baratheon

Hail Proletariat! Ryan catches up a death in his extended family and gives a soulless summary of it, the nefarious grip of smoking and the baseness of Grief Greed.  Updates on the Nerd Aristocracy videos; Fans’ Appeal to the NFL gets an ‘EPIC GAY’ comment on YouTube! from a trisomy 21 douche bag. This leads to a conversation about what compels someone to rail ‘Queer’, ‘Faggot’, etc. at someone else whom they perceive violating the norm usually in the area of costuming, exuberance or performance and that the origin of this type of outburst is usually from an inordinately ignorant hidden vagina of the heart weeping.  How an editor can make or break a piece of film.  Dead Before Their Prime Time: T.V. shows cut down too young… too young.  Apple hardware / operating system updates and the slaughter of the white MacBook and DVD drives on the Mac Mini.  Some fun with Apple’s EULA and Richard Dreyfuss’ lack of a demanding career curriculum.  Channel ‘Teen Nick’ to air ‘The 90’s are all that!': keeping it real with ‘Double Dare’, ‘Clarissa Explains it all’, ‘Doug’ and more.  Nerding out with Magic: the Gathering, Duels of the Planeswalkers on the PS3 and Game of Thrones blue balls.


Show link:

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion: the Ars Technica review

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Ep21: A Brief History of LULZ



We’re 21: now legal to be boozed up and be date raped!  Ryan complains (I hope you’re seated) and proposes a Nerd Aristocracy a day.  How hackers are to nerds as the mafia is to Italians: Lulzsec; a brief history from HBGary Federal, Anonymous, hacking the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), the arrest of Ryan Cleary  and the latest hijinks (as of our recording, ‘natch).  Facebook stalking vs. e-mail hacking.  Jonathan brings up FaceBook stalking isn’t what its cracked up to be as everyone is just trying to show off for each other.  Friend of the show Jesse Meriwether catches a break: new gig!  The fellows review Jon Stewart’s interview with former New Orleans Mayor, Ray C. Nagin.  D.J. Andyredrum plays by the time this podcast hits the web, and man was it awesome!  R.I.P. Clarence Clemons, long time horn man and Obi-Wan for The Boss.  Legendary blues guitarist visits the ms gulf coast, and all he got was this lousy amputation.  Amy Winehouse gives her career an amputation in Belgrade-arus-grandé?  Jonathan reviews the Green Lantern, spoiler free and biliously honest.  This bleeds into discussion about when modern CG can kill basic, classic story telling.  The guys preview the new Conan the Barbarian movie based off of the trailer; Ryan attacks the laziness of filmmaking theseadays with shots and filmmaking techniques that are becoming cliche and the adoption of a too polished look (in an obviously phony way) that detracts from the whole of the story.  Jonathan defends the popcorn movie for popcorn movie’s sake.  Spoiler: Spider Man is to die!  OMG!  WTF?  Jonathan breaks some disturbing news.  Read the link below for the full scoop: their is a save as it appears it is some alternative universe series: ‘Ultimate Comics Spider-Man’ vs. the ‘Amazing Spider Man’ where he will continue slinging on.

Random computer things with Ryan: custom domain names, ICANN approves new ‘dots’ like .com, .net; now with more confusion!  Their will now be .ritzcrackers, .nerdaristocracy (hopefully), etc.  Ryan takes us through what awaits ahead.  Somehow the guys spin off on the innate laziness of people who don’t care about issues unless it effects the price of their Budweiser or ‘Deal or No Deal’ schedule.  ‘My Big Fat Greek Deficit’, Jonathan updates us on trouble in Greece’s economy.

Marc Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks is no scab, tips big for a $110000 bar tab after teams wins big.  Jonathan streaming on IMDB (link below)!  Apple wins broad sweeping patent covering virtually all multitouch featured on modern touch-based devices.  Revolution to digital photography: new tech allows you to focus your pictures after you take a picture: Lytro has the answer in light-field technology.  Jonathan is stalked by marketing and the haunting, haunting thing that is Kreayshawn.


LulzSec Exposed

Spider-Man death ‘changes everything’ for Marvel | Books |

Light Field camera | Lytro

WIRED 2011: Athens Dance Music Festival, Saturday – 06/25/2011 | Athfest

Greek Default Could Spur Europe-Wide Contagion : NPR


Jonathan’s moment with Gene Simmons (around minute 6 for the cameo)




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And now, the horror: the absolute horror…




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Ep19: Weiner-Jawa Civil War


Weiner in the news, how Republicans seem to deal with scandals more efficiently, and when is adultery compromising to a political figure.  Ryan plays devil’s advocate showing by extension of a politician’s disregard of a marriage contract, what other expectations might they toss aside.  Jonathan points out all people are fallible and we shouldn’t hold politicians to unrealistically higher standards by assuming that none of them will ever be unfaithful in a marriage.  Jonathan spins out into how choosing a representative is somewhat like trying to luck out on a dating service.  They boys talk briefly about the next elections, Jonathan sides with hope in the intelligence of the majority Americans not to pick a Repub nominee like Palin just to get Obama out, while Ryan is more pessimistic and totally thinks America by large will blame Obama for the current economic and unemployment situations and get just about anybody different in the White House for the sake of jumping a perceivably sinking ship.  Coullier Co, Florida: Couple forecloses on a Bank of America brach that owed them court-ruled compensation with help of the local Sheriff Kevin J. Rambosk’s  deputies who foreclosed on the bank as compensation.  Within an hour, the bank pays the couple out.  You should write Sheriff Rambosk at and say ‘Nerd Up, Sheriff!’  Ryan draws the obvious analogy that corporations are like Jawa sandcrawlers.


We take a musical break with the remix to Martin Solveig and Drgonette’s ‘I just came to say hello’ and jump back with observations about the video embedded below.  We review the scene depicted in the remix comparing hole-in-the-wall bars in Los Angeles vs. New Orleans; the main differences seeming to be price of libations, cleanliness, attractiveness of people and the hipster-douche-bag ratio.  Internet runs out of addresses, fires up a new book to write in: IPv4 to IPv6.  Fly the greedy skies:  Delta shows their appreciation for our service people by charging them out the butt-hole when returning from duty abroad.  Silver lining as Delta gets their just deserts in a deluge of people reacting negatively as soldiers reach out to social media to vent their frustrations. Jonathan shares a tale of being burned by Delta which lead him to trust a stranger and hit the road giving the bird to the big metal birds.  Ryan draws in a story of another fellow using social media to leverage power in his favor in securing his stolen MacBook Pro.  Jonathan brings up concerns on the evil misuses of security programs installed on computers to spy on innocents and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak’s view that we’ll be the playthings of machines in the future.  The machines are already controlling us: a child withers away while mother levels up on World of Warcraft.  New WiiU portable game system announce at E3 used PS3 and Xbox footage superimposed on WiiU to demonstrate what their system will be capable of.  Lulzsec still douches, Sony still being hacked, Apple’s WWDC top points.  Jonathan discovers some things about the Mac platform that Ryan is more than happy to expound upon; Ryan recommends free media player VideoLAN Converter (VLC) for Mac Windows, Linux, and many other platforms available at link below post.  Steve Jobs wants to build a futuristic spaceship disc apple headquarters in Cupertino: awesome.  Speaking of close encounters: Steven Spielberg flicks!  A new Indiana Jones hinted at, upcoming Super 8, George Lucas is a horrible man.  Wrap up with list of lists: top films, music,  june movies to come and Nerding Out with Ryan finishing off Borderlands, Jonathan on Ken Burns documentary series about the civil war and its memorable theme, ‘Ashokan Farewell’.

VideoLAN Converter: Plays most all formats



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Ep 18: The Palins Are Coming!


We roll out off-the-cuff with some missed callings, top three things we think we would’ve been appropriate at from fighting in the American Revolution, to investing in stocks, to being a Nazi, a porn star and more ill-chosen fun.  Speaking of stocks: Nerd tip of the month: Groupon’s IPO, grab it when it hits the shelves – Google thought they were worth 6-something BILLION, so that’s a good indicator they’re on to something good, no?  Mac crash, trojan horse, Chinese kidney for iPad and Jonathan calls Ryan’s goose-stepping support for Apple out.  Datacaps from Internet Service Providers loom in the shadows ahead as Netflix is cutting into their pie (your delicious wallet) sending Ryan into his crazy inner voice of psycho doom.  Speaking of crazy inner voices of psycho doom: Floridian shoots the hell out of a store for being out of crawfish.  Yes: crawfish.  NEWS FLASH: Sara Palin says something flipping retarded and Ryan breaks down the misunderstood natural eloquence that Miss Maverick embodies in spite of being assailed by the lame-stream media and lame-stream history books and lame-stream science books.

How about some tasty Watermelon?  Perfect for a summer break!

40 things that’ll make you feel old, including the 10 minutes we devote to reading this list!  Floppy disks, child stars, old T.V. shows, pubescent crushes on television characters and more.  Sony welcomes back users with their Welcome Back Package!  Sony also welcomes back another hack, this time to as nimrod-douche-bag-hackercratic group of keyboard sophomores, LULZSEC blindly attack hapless users who just happen to have a registration with Sony by publishing their information on torrent sites.  Another LULZSEC proud moment: hacking PBS for covering Wikileaks on Frontline while not gobbing uncritical praise on Julian Assange.  D-bags.  (Remember our podcast and site well folks…)  Death claims Dr. Death: we give propers to Dr. Jack Kevorkian and his three missions in life.  David Fincher’s leaked ‘Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ trailer hits the net and is pulled BUT WE HAVE IT as pure cultural commentary, which should be protected under some law, right? … until it’s probably pulled – link for the full uncut ‘naughty’ red band trailer is after the summary.  Old Spice Guy, Isaiah Mustafa: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” does a self-funded trailer featuring himself as comic book hero Luke Cage – trailer hits the net and is vaporized (really tried to find it too, sorry :(  ).  This brings up other times actors have petitioned for their casting of a certain character: Elijah Wood as Frodo Baggins in the Lord of the Rings series and Jim Carrey as Andy Kaufman in Man on the Moon.  Ryan nerds out on Borderlands on his PS3 as Jonathan nerds out on some classic X-Files.

Full size 720p HD The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – red band trailer…

Watermelon by D.Willz…

Podcast —

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