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Ep14:PSN Hacked and 3D Porn is Whack


and I thought Avatar was a porn...

Happy post Christ egg day as we recap our Easter holiday, Jonathan confesses church anxiety and wonders why E.T. would slip him a ruffie and cop his ball shorts… probably because his funding to phone home was revoked by government budget cuts.  Speaking of aliens, Barak Obama blatantly continues to rule without materializing his placentae and hackers have made off with your confidential skimpies as the Playstation Network is compromised and is down for over a week, burning some 77 million nerds.  Our reign is called into question as Nerd Aristocrats because we are not omniscient in acknowledging the passing of some famed Dr. Who actress.  Rubic’s cubes take a new spin on the Sistine Chapel’s fresco of the Creation of Adam.  Electronic cigarettes FDA ruling: it is not a drug, just a form of tobacco… (hunh?)  3D porn coming at you from Hong Kong (what, not Bangkok?)

We find Jonathan’s missing bottoms and Ryan recounts video taping himself sleeping (nothing to see here).  Website updates about as exciting as news that Friendster states “I’m not dead… yet.”  The Royal Wedding to come: hoping for benign disaster.  Antoine Dodson “Hide your kids, hide your wife, ’cause we’re smokin’ weed all up in here”.  List of lists.  Ryan recalls a disaster of an audition then reviews movies ‘African Cats’ and ‘Hanna’.  We wrap up with Nerding Out: Ryan on American Gods audio book narrated by the awesome George Guidall and Jonathan’s video editing epic continues.


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