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Ep11: Computer Insecurity 101

Syrian hacker Mr. Venus' tramp stamp

Venus rhymes with...

Oh the irony!  The Nerd Aristocracy’s .com is hacked by Syrian Mr. Venus and some others from the ole’ Soviet Bloc.  This brings Ryan into an in-depth and flawed detail what a ‘White Hat’, ‘Black Hat’, and ‘Red Hat’ are in terms of computer security.  Some brief parenting tips flawed in a different way that will undoubtedly raise a red flag for DHS and Ryan assuredly mis-corrects Jonathan about the sex of Dr. Spock.  Ryan gives his impressions of the Nintendo 3DS in which he is anticipating impending class-action suits from the parents of cross-eyed children and families of morons who are bound to walk in front of buses.  This brings a general stink eye towards the latest 3D hype in general.  Jonathan holds on to his late adoption of new tech and the virtues (and shame) of it.  Jonathan goes to HubFest in Hattiesburg, Mississippi drawing an enthusiastic ‘Meh’ from him as the festival pleasure center of his brain is oatmeal after living in New Orleans for years.  Jonathan Bell to play the Improv at Harrah’s on the strip in Las Vegas from April 5th – April 10th!  Free tix to all who email  Jonathan and Ryan assess their fact-checking department’s record on par with Fox News and realize that just because facts are wrong doesn’t mean the discussion isn’t entertaining!  Jonathan recommends an excellent docu-memorial about Greg Giraldo featuring some of the most talented comedians around and some of his personal experience in the world that is Comic.

Back from the break with cut-n’-paste religion: Thomas Jefferson’s Cliff Notes, an 85-page Bible reduction served with a side of philosophy of spirituality vs. religious doctrine paired with a tangy Council of Nicaea that Ryan mis-dates by about a millennia: but who’s counting?  “She’s a witch!”  And she’s prevented from securing the friendly skies: TSA agent fired for casting spells on car heaters.  Natalie Portman’s stand-in dancer (dance-in?) from Black Swan raises a bitch fest wanting people to realize the movie is not actually real while sabotaging any chance she’ll ever work in film again.  This brings Ryan and Jonathan to share some experiences standing in on The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons, Final Destination 4: 3D, and Freshmen Orientation.  Ryan assesses that Brad Pitt can be like the Ark of the Covenant: powerful, silent and ‘Don’t look at it, Marion’, while Jason Flemyng is a jolly chap and David Fincher is accommodating and generally awesome.  Science news: computer can map your dreams and Jonathan’s concern about runaway technology that’ll enable Transformer-armed paraplegics to burst through you wall and steal Diet Coke from your fridge.  We end with an overview of the (IMDB) Internet Movie DataBase’s Star Meter – Ryan down and Jonathan up.


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Ep10: Odyssey Dawn

Coming soon: Tom Clancy's Odyssey Dawn

Coming soon to the all parts in the Middle East

No business like show business, Jonathan and Ryan recount a recent audition while real actors Brad PItt and Angelina Jolie are harangued by paparazzi in New Orleans.  Both Jonathan and Ryan get something wrong and talk about it for a bit: Brad and Angelina do, in fact, have biological kids (future benevolent dictators of the planet Earth).  Elizabeth Taylor has gone on to the Spirit in the Sky as Trey Parker and Matt Stone salute that Spirit with their Broadway musical, ‘The Book of Mormon’.  Speaking of Mormons, Glenn Beck is a flipping lunatic alluding that Japanese disaster is probably the will of God.  We move into the fun world of religion as Ryan waxes on cannibal Catholicism and dogma.  Feeling good with some wrestling stories, still someone loses a one-legged ass kicking contest.  Blue Angel bring out Ryan’s patriotic side and Jonathan remembers MS Flight Sim and Top Gun from Nintendo days.  Ryan gets a Playstation 3 (wee!) and give his impressions on Batman: Arkham Asylum and Heavy Rain with a GeoHot callback.  Falling down running for the border: Taco Bell is playing with our emotions.  Satire so good its plausible enough to be believed hook, line and sinker: Jonathan brings in a story about republicans rounding down pi.  Japanese disaster and Japanese Hentai.  “Face off, now with less Nicholas Cage!”  U.S. stretches its muscles in exercise “Odyssey Dawn”.  Ryan spins the news and blues legend Pinetop Perkins playing in the sweet here after.


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