Ep06: Angry Gentry


'saddle up pardner.

Ryan leaves his corporeal being for some freaky out-of-body experience (OOBE) unrelated to drug abuse as Jonathan enjoys abusing a drug in the form of his new-found coffee appreciation.  This gives way to Jonathan’s blitzkrieg on writing off the Egyptian people altogether, detesting other people’s taste in music -particularly Kid Rock and the whiskey bottler / platinum-selling country music superstars Jonathan and Ryan had never heard of: Montgomery Gentry.  Then things mellow out as Ryan reviews Black Swan, theater audiences, the Social Network and unnecessary CGI as Jonathan gets furious about Angry Driver: 3D’s formulaic blah-ness and shames the universe for their lack of concern about the snuffing of federal funding for the arts or something.  Daddy needs a new pair of shoes: the Shoe Carnival not just  a shoe store: it’s an event!  Tyler Durden lives on in the worst way possible.  Ryan spins the news and Jonathan gets romantic on the phone without paying $5.99/min.


Calm Jonathan down and support the arts, slackers.

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