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Ep16: Spinning with dj andyredrum


DJ andyredrum in the house tonight!  We start with an update on Ms. Jesse Meriwether getting the Nerd Proletariat bump from doing our show and through no virtue of effort on her part: she lands a commercial gig with, soon to be terrifying audiences into using their service.  Speaking of terrifying: set the date, hurry up and repent, the Rapture’s just around the corner!  Oakland, California ministry Family Radio Worldwide has the 411 on God’s plans.  This brings us to spread the fundamentalist distain all around as we all know nothing takes the ‘fun’ out of fundamentalism like a fundamentalist.  Arnold Schwarzenegger dusting off the help: yowza!  The fellas give some advice on being super rich, famous and how to cheat properly.  It’s a Small DMZ After All… Disney seeks to trademark ‘Seal Team 6©™”, Ryan calls the validity of this story into question… (if you know the truth, set us straight in show comments).  We serve up an update on the PlayStation Network, Japan forbids it to come back up on their turf, another frickin’ security hole and Ryan discovers Mad-Maxianesque shoot-em-up: Borderlands.  We sent a heart felt message to our fellow countrymen in the flood-impacted regions of the South.  <a href=”sincere moment”></a>

After the break we bring in dj andyredrum on the virtual horn as he catches us up on forth-coming Wired 2011: Athens Dance Music Festival during AthFest (as in Athens, Georgia: say it with me… ‘ATH’-fest, not to be confused with the Berlin booty buffet for lispers).  Andy schools us on the world of electronic music from the geopolitics of remixing other’s music to the boom, bloom and bust of 90’s electronic music as compared to the stand up comedy boom of the same time: from underground to stratosphere.  How electronic music is everywhere now as it has seeped into many facets of our culture from Lady Gaga to Crest commercials.  The Complete Proletariat’s Guide to Electronic Music: the Unimpeachable Definitive Objective End-All-Be-All Edict as espoused by self-proclaimed music authority: dj andyredrum.  Andy’s tender roots in NYC, early exposure to club music, sharpening his skills in New Orleans and views on drug usage in the music scene.  Andy tells us about currently playing Club 8E’s and Club 9E’s in downtown Athens and playing fart-joke music to please the crowd as his soul cries blood a little.  We ask Andy to give us ‘copy n paste’ musical taste if we’re trying to pretend we know something about electronic music: your cheat sheet to plying impressionable young girls to your will.  And by will, I mean penis.  We wrap up on some Nerding Out on external hard drives, botched tooth extractions and home crafts, pretty much summing up who we are: gay geeks in pain.

Witness the Apotheosis’ Groom Lake (andryredrum Extended Club Mix)

Andy’s site, more samples under ‘MIXES':  dj andyredrum – diagrasm directive

his next gig:   WIRED 2011: Athens Dance Music Festival, Saturday – 06/25/2011 | Athfest

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