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Ep36: TAKE IT!


All new: all old news! Obama in the White House and a satellite fell to Earth. Q & A with NASA representative, Dr. Bell. Onto climate debates and the increasing polarizing state of politics with Fox News tipping the scales. Do your part with a home solar kit: now almost affordable!

Mental visual recordings: now with 1000% more creepiness. Scientists can now image visuals the brain thinks about. Seriously. Seriously awesome. Kid has ghost meeting with unknown dead sibling. We wax on about the afterlife, spirits and some paranormal goodness. Wow, more creepy / awesomeness. Nic Cage, the vampire. Dark Shadows, the movie is underway and promisingly good Tim Burton fodder. We end with an aggressive campaign for you infecting your loved ones with us.





U.C. Berkeley Scientists’ Brain Visions Research

Boy recalls past-life

Outro by YouTube user: daffeization daffeization’s YouTube channel


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Ep11: Computer Insecurity 101

Syrian hacker Mr. Venus' tramp stamp

Venus rhymes with...

Oh the irony!  The Nerd Aristocracy’s .com is hacked by Syrian Mr. Venus and some others from the ole’ Soviet Bloc.  This brings Ryan into an in-depth and flawed detail what a ‘White Hat’, ‘Black Hat’, and ‘Red Hat’ are in terms of computer security.  Some brief parenting tips flawed in a different way that will undoubtedly raise a red flag for DHS and Ryan assuredly mis-corrects Jonathan about the sex of Dr. Spock.  Ryan gives his impressions of the Nintendo 3DS in which he is anticipating impending class-action suits from the parents of cross-eyed children and families of morons who are bound to walk in front of buses.  This brings a general stink eye towards the latest 3D hype in general.  Jonathan holds on to his late adoption of new tech and the virtues (and shame) of it.  Jonathan goes to HubFest in Hattiesburg, Mississippi drawing an enthusiastic ‘Meh’ from him as the festival pleasure center of his brain is oatmeal after living in New Orleans for years.  Jonathan Bell to play the Improv at Harrah’s on the strip in Las Vegas from April 5th – April 10th!  Free tix to all who email  Jonathan and Ryan assess their fact-checking department’s record on par with Fox News and realize that just because facts are wrong doesn’t mean the discussion isn’t entertaining!  Jonathan recommends an excellent docu-memorial about Greg Giraldo featuring some of the most talented comedians around and some of his personal experience in the world that is Comic.

Back from the break with cut-n’-paste religion: Thomas Jefferson’s Cliff Notes, an 85-page Bible reduction served with a side of philosophy of spirituality vs. religious doctrine paired with a tangy Council of Nicaea that Ryan mis-dates by about a millennia: but who’s counting?  “She’s a witch!”  And she’s prevented from securing the friendly skies: TSA agent fired for casting spells on car heaters.  Natalie Portman’s stand-in dancer (dance-in?) from Black Swan raises a bitch fest wanting people to realize the movie is not actually real while sabotaging any chance she’ll ever work in film again.  This brings Ryan and Jonathan to share some experiences standing in on The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons, Final Destination 4: 3D, and Freshmen Orientation.  Ryan assesses that Brad Pitt can be like the Ark of the Covenant: powerful, silent and ‘Don’t look at it, Marion’, while Jason Flemyng is a jolly chap and David Fincher is accommodating and generally awesome.  Science news: computer can map your dreams and Jonathan’s concern about runaway technology that’ll enable Transformer-armed paraplegics to burst through you wall and steal Diet Coke from your fridge.  We end with an overview of the (IMDB) Internet Movie DataBase’s Star Meter – Ryan down and Jonathan up.


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Ep08: Tiger Blood


For Epic Events Charlie Sheen Tiger Blood

The Aristocrats start off with a belated welcome and muse on their nerd youth a bit then talk about doing ‘ludes with Casper the friendly ghost.  This gives way to Jonathan’s story of jacking himself up on caffeine pills when in high school for Quiz Bowl championships in the state capital and Ryan counters with a college tale of popping Mini-Thins and terrorizing children playing Q-Zar.  In-depth Charlie Sheen tiger blood interview analysis.  Jonathan gets something wrong: what anemia is and Ryan falsely accuses Jonathan of mispronouncing ‘Centurion’ and thus gets something aggressively wrong himself.  Porn star karaoke, Oscar wrap-up, Fox News caught balancing the scales, the Supreme Court rules like a Supreme Chode.  iPad 2 is out and Ryan talks a mite about it while Jonathan struggles to stay awake.  Jonathan’s B-Day plans, some New Orleans news, listener feedback, listener photo-back: a miner’s pick in a hardware store.  Ryan shares a story from the set of ‘Loss of a Teardrop Diamond’, Saving Private Ryan on broadway, Thunder Cats reboot and why all the remakes?


YouTube: Chuck Sheen: The Interview w/Good Morning America

YouTube: Fox News balancing the scales

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