Game Of Thrones:

Ep53: The Dark Side of The Net


Jonathan kicks off the show by elaborating on “The Great Computer Debacle of 2012″… aka gripes like a bitch. He then proceeds to talk about problems he has been encountering with software loaned to him by his “peers”. The guys discuss back-up hard-drive options. The guys move on to discuss viruses, and computer security. Energy drinks are discussed, as are racial soda preferences. Ryan then discusses “Dark Net”, though the two are not related. This leads to talk of search engine TOR, all to set the stage for Ryan’s uber-presentation on The Silk Road Marketplace. Bitcoins are explained, the imaginary internet currency. Interesting concept, but beware, thinking about it to much will make your head explode. It’s all very Matrix-ey. Half time hits with some hip-hop sounds. The guys open up the second half with some legal disclaimers, and Ryan gives his home address for donations. The guys talk disposal of kiddy corpses. Jonathan makes some prediction regarding Game of Thrones (which turn out to be correct). Jonathan then puts out an A.P.B. on the existence of a serial killer in Mississippi. Jonathan gives some tips in case your pulled over, and Ryan does a scary 911 operator impression. The guys nerd out as Jonathan brags about his drumset, while Ryan bestows the gift of King upon his better half. Episode 53 is in the bag! See you next time nerds!


Bumper music is “Black Market” from Doomsday Productions, Brotha Lynch Hung, Mr. Doctor

Outro is “Damn it Feels Good to be a Lannister” by YouTuber LessTalkMoreMonkey



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