Ep25: Dark Side of the Nerd



You don't know the POWER of the Dark Side

In the Nerd boat, we sail… Ryan noms on some Dan Brown, JBell noms and refines on his comedy material. Watch out, contemporary furniture, you’re on Ryan’s shit list with your unnecessarily bloated ways. Jonathan has an invention to revolutionize residential surge protection. Amy Winehouse passes on from this mortal coil. ‘Kids, don’t do drugs like an idiot’ is the message we take away. Ryan flirts with dog bollocks. Tango down: Anonymous hacker Topiary nabbed in Scotland and other hacker bytes… Ryan explains DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service) and the LOIC (Low Orbiting Ion Cannon). NFL (National Football League) / NFLPA (National Football League’s Players Association) lockout resolution; the Saints go marching in to practice! You can go marching into space starting November 30th; tickets to the international space station gives the average multimillionaire the chance to believe they can fly… and float. Is that aTrojan Asteroid in my Lagrangian point, or are you just happy to see me? New volcano type identified on the moon. Dark Side of OZ, how much drug intake makes this enjoyable and when idiots won’t shut up for a movie.


Salient developments of hacker-on-hacker Anonymous / LULZSEC / AntiSec news… LulzSec Exposed

LOIC – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The 2nd Annual Star Wars Dance Party, New Orleans | Events | Yelp

Outro music by Klipar (iTunes link)

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Ep10: Odyssey Dawn

Coming soon: Tom Clancy's Odyssey Dawn

Coming soon to the all parts in the Middle East

No business like show business, Jonathan and Ryan recount a recent audition while real actors Brad PItt and Angelina Jolie are harangued by paparazzi in New Orleans.  Both Jonathan and Ryan get something wrong and talk about it for a bit: Brad and Angelina do, in fact, have biological kids (future benevolent dictators of the planet Earth).  Elizabeth Taylor has gone on to the Spirit in the Sky as Trey Parker and Matt Stone salute that Spirit with their Broadway musical, ‘The Book of Mormon’.  Speaking of Mormons, Glenn Beck is a flipping lunatic alluding that Japanese disaster is probably the will of God.  We move into the fun world of religion as Ryan waxes on cannibal Catholicism and dogma.  Feeling good with some wrestling stories, still someone loses a one-legged ass kicking contest.  Blue Angel bring out Ryan’s patriotic side and Jonathan remembers MS Flight Sim and Top Gun from Nintendo days.  Ryan gets a Playstation 3 (wee!) and give his impressions on Batman: Arkham Asylum and Heavy Rain with a GeoHot callback.  Falling down running for the border: Taco Bell is playing with our emotions.  Satire so good its plausible enough to be believed hook, line and sinker: Jonathan brings in a story about republicans rounding down pi.  Japanese disaster and Japanese Hentai.  “Face off, now with less Nicholas Cage!”  U.S. stretches its muscles in exercise “Odyssey Dawn”.  Ryan spins the news and blues legend Pinetop Perkins playing in the sweet here after.


Natural Disasters tracker

National Association of Radio Distress-Signalling and Infocommunications
Emergency and Disaster Information Service – EDIS

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Ep07: The Girl with the Nerd Tattoo

Noomi Rapace will gut us like a Swedish fish.

Noomi Rapace will gut us like a Swedish fish.

A red-letter episode as we officially announce the officialness of our podcasting might by being listed in iTunes! Now easily downloadable from iTunes which will remember where in each episode you may leave off for easy listening goodness. Child’s play with elementary theatre, Middle East unrest (still… wow, go figure), the catch-22 of Republican doctrine, Apple minute with the new MacBook Pro’s being announced and the new Thunderbolt tech to surpass USB 3.0. Ryan spirals into more Nerdosity as he questions Jonathan’s actual nerd-ness and relates how the hacker collective Anonymous is spanking intolerant church cults while lone hacker GeoHot is being spanked by Sony for cracking the PlayStation 3 source code but is getting mass public support for his legal defense fund. Jonathan follows Ryan’s movie recommendations after someone whose opinion he actually values suggests it: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Ryan offers a show for consideration Jonathan poo-poos on because he’s just too young to appreciate it: Men of a Certain Age. Ryan offers some bachelor diet advice. Everyone’s sick, dead baby dolphins (thanks BP), listener comments. Jonathan ranks his lady’s merits.


GeoHot digging in against Sony – Hacker who originally jailbroke the iPhone on YouTube

Get to know Anonymous

Click to catch up with cyber vigilantes: Anonymous.

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