Harry Potter:

Ep29: Casey at the Bat


This is us on the inside.

We have forgotten how to talk and descend into self examination, self questioning, self diagnosis, and discussion.  Ryan cooks up some Yorkshire puddings.  Jonathan conveys props to Ryan via The Proletariat concerning Nerd on the Street: Star Wars Dance Party. None of Jonathan’s core spheres of existence are popping right now and he’s feeling the suck. We go on to general suicide watch.

Lafayette Little League team, The Round Buns (unofficial name), are eliminated from the Little League World Series and Jonathan relates with the boys of summer with his own experiences in Little League. Darth Jobs steps down as CEO at Apple, leaving Tim Cook in the kitchen.  BART spokesman Linton Johnson gets pwned by Anonymous for suspending first amendment access by way of snuffing cellular phone ability during protests; this gives the LULZ boys some modicum of cred in our eyes for actually doing something kinda cool.  Nerd kid shines: 13 year old experiments with a new way to harvest solar energy.  HP throwing in the towel of hardware production: equally hilarious George Lopez is cancelled, and general discussion about the definition of unfunny: Craig Ferguson.  Mortal Kombat: Fight!  Now with Freddy Krueger!  We have the scoop on the new, unaforementioned HARRY POTTER movie that you most likely never saw coming!  Ryan nerds out on the Wheel of Time, and Jonathan has some strong Words with Friends.




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Nerd on the Street: Deathly Hallows – Part 2



We take it to the people with our first installment of Nerd on the Street as we stake out the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 from parts unknown to the interwebs.  Please leave comments on the YouTube video page.  Nerd up!

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Ep22: Crunk It Up

Horrifying new cigarette labels

Horrifying new cigarette labels

We cordially welcome the Proletariat back from a break and talk about how the show is best consumed like a single malt whiskey and -by extension of that analogy- how Australians are apparent rampant drunkards.  We update on our first video post “Fans’ Appeal to the NFL” and give props to offensive tackle Jermon Bushrod and New Orleans blog Canal Street Chronicles for giving our video some shout-out love.


Jonathan’s art house porn experience, Harry Potter about to climax, Geekdom versus Nerdosity and how our creative endeavors stop people in their tracks (and sometimes careers).  Ryan helps his old man, talented Gulf Coast impressionist of fine art, Vernon Reinike; Jonathan helps himself to San Fermin in New Orleans and takes us with him on a picturesque recount of a day worth living complete with gator traffic, Friday night shootings, Krystal burgers and more.


Today’s intermission brought to you by Jelly Roll Morton and ‘Dead Man Blues, Take 1′ from the 1926-27 sessions of the Red Hot Peppers, as used in “Fan’s Appeal to the NFL”


Back for seconds as Ryan contributes his experience of last year’s San Fermin and how his wife ended up in Penthouse, thanks to the talented long lens of Andreas Koch (pronounced ‘kotch’, not ‘cock’, despite what marketing may lead you to believe.  The guys romance analog porn, gruesome cigarette images, how the liberal school system is socializing children into not flushing their poo, the supreme court ruling fatalities are artistic expressions and Jonathan’s haunted childhood with Hansel and Gretel.  Speaking of getting medieval: Ryan recommends Black Death, featuring Sean ‘Boromir’ Bean’ now on NetFlix instant streaming, as Jonathan experiences deprivation of Mr. Bean in the form of Game of Thrones.  How nerds are becoming relevant and a powerful class of people after years of oppression and persecution.  Trailer vs. Teaser.  J.K. Rowling initiates online perpetual jackpot for herself and descendants until the end of creation: ‘Pottermore’.  Finally Ryan nerds on Quantum Leap and how Scott Bakula helped raise him.


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