Ep40: O.C.D. Academy with Jason O’Brien


Our guest Jason O'Brien (left), gets photobombed by Oliver Stone.

Episode 40 live and direct! Well, recorded live anyway. Wait, is there any other way to record? We digress. We get the show rolling, right of the bat, as we start with this week’s guest: filmmaker, film historian, and Academy Awards expert Jason O’Brien. Jason joins the show, and schools us on the recent shake-ups in this year’s Oscar production. He then delivers an accurate guess as to whom the new host will be (this show was recorded more than 24 hours before the Academy released the info). Good job, Jason! Now tell us who will win the SuperBowl this year, and give us an estimate as to the score! Kthnx. Moving on, we talk about Jason’s latest endeavor in independent filmmaking, a short called After The Torment. We also discuss Jason’s long-running, and highly recommended podcast “Oscar, Oscar“.  A show many of the film nerds in the Proletariat will enjoy. After we say goodbye to Jason, Ryan declares victory, and celebrates his soon to be canine-free status. Jonathan discusses his shitty week, and his propensity to break all things electronic. Is Mercury in retrograde? Ryan starts a discussion on taking pride in your work. Yes. Believe it. The guys then discuss the basics of graphic design, and the psychology of such. The guys polish off the episode with a rousing discussion of Jonathan’s increasing O.C.D. tendencies. Nerd up!



Jason O’Brien’s After The Torment film website

Jason O’Brien’s “Oscar, Oscar” podcast



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Ep27: Hollywood Hold’em


with a great hand comes great responsibility...

Welcome nerds, Ryan goes off on the dissolution care in food prep especially among the so-called Sandwich-Artists of Subways. Ryan’s kid goes back to school and avoids an in-home ‘accident’ from occurring. Hollywood-hold’em: Tobey ‘Spiderman’ Maguire and other Hollywood hullabaloos being sued for winning at poker. Thrasher Magazine founder bows out- of life. Corpse found in chimney of bank in Louisiana after curing for 28 years. Operation Shady RAT: McAfee Security details what they believe to be a concerted cyberattack that other security firms have dismissed since this recording. Saving grace: this brings up 80’s film call backs: WarGames and Cloak & Dagger featuring Dabny Coleman. Unholy alliance: Microsoft and Apple join patent gobbling rampage to attempt to hobble Google’s strength. San Diego Comi-Con wraps up. Welcome Ally DMC at blog Preserved Disorder.

Jonathan rekindles an old love: Pearl Drops Tooth Polisher. our impressions of shark week and some nature shows and why WGBH rules. Speaking of public television: Antiques Roadshow reveals most expensive antiquity to date! List of Lists: Biggest Party Schools, Least Social-Media Cities, National Drop Out Rates, Kinkiest City. Star check on IMDB: Star Rater Meetings as Ryan mangles it with out missing a beat, JBell gives a shout out to an upcoming film Ryan is sure to be cut out of: The Texas Killing Fields. More Lists: Box Office, Top Billboard Singles. Celebrity Tweet of the week: Levar Burton.




Top 5 Singles This Week Available on Mp3 from Amazon:



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Ep21: A Brief History of LULZ



We’re 21: now legal to be boozed up and be date raped!  Ryan complains (I hope you’re seated) and proposes a Nerd Aristocracy a day.  How hackers are to nerds as the mafia is to Italians: Lulzsec; a brief history from HBGary Federal, Anonymous, hacking the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), the arrest of Ryan Cleary  and the latest hijinks (as of our recording, ‘natch).  Facebook stalking vs. e-mail hacking.  Jonathan brings up FaceBook stalking isn’t what its cracked up to be as everyone is just trying to show off for each other.  Friend of the show Jesse Meriwether catches a break: new gig!  The fellows review Jon Stewart’s interview with former New Orleans Mayor, Ray C. Nagin.  D.J. Andyredrum plays by the time this podcast hits the web, and man was it awesome!  R.I.P. Clarence Clemons, long time horn man and Obi-Wan for The Boss.  Legendary blues guitarist visits the ms gulf coast, and all he got was this lousy amputation.  Amy Winehouse gives her career an amputation in Belgrade-arus-grandé?  Jonathan reviews the Green Lantern, spoiler free and biliously honest.  This bleeds into discussion about when modern CG can kill basic, classic story telling.  The guys preview the new Conan the Barbarian movie based off of the trailer; Ryan attacks the laziness of filmmaking theseadays with shots and filmmaking techniques that are becoming cliche and the adoption of a too polished look (in an obviously phony way) that detracts from the whole of the story.  Jonathan defends the popcorn movie for popcorn movie’s sake.  Spoiler: Spider Man is to die!  OMG!  WTF?  Jonathan breaks some disturbing news.  Read the link below for the full scoop: their is a save as it appears it is some alternative universe series: ‘Ultimate Comics Spider-Man’ vs. the ‘Amazing Spider Man’ where he will continue slinging on.

Random computer things with Ryan: custom domain names, ICANN approves new ‘dots’ like .com, .net; now with more confusion!  Their will now be .ritzcrackers, .nerdaristocracy (hopefully), etc.  Ryan takes us through what awaits ahead.  Somehow the guys spin off on the innate laziness of people who don’t care about issues unless it effects the price of their Budweiser or ‘Deal or No Deal’ schedule.  ‘My Big Fat Greek Deficit’, Jonathan updates us on trouble in Greece’s economy.

Marc Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks is no scab, tips big for a $110000 bar tab after teams wins big.  Jonathan streaming on IMDB (link below)!  Apple wins broad sweeping patent covering virtually all multitouch featured on modern touch-based devices.  Revolution to digital photography: new tech allows you to focus your pictures after you take a picture: Lytro has the answer in light-field technology.  Jonathan is stalked by marketing and the haunting, haunting thing that is Kreayshawn.


LulzSec Exposed

Spider-Man death ‘changes everything’ for Marvel | Books |

Light Field camera | Lytro

WIRED 2011: Athens Dance Music Festival, Saturday – 06/25/2011 | Athfest

Greek Default Could Spur Europe-Wide Contagion : NPR


Jonathan’s moment with Gene Simmons (around minute 6 for the cameo)




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Ray Nagin
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And now, the horror: the absolute horror…




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Ep13: It’s 420 … man


I meant to post this earlier...

A brief history of 420 before a bummer reflection on the BP oil spill and the Japanese nuclear issue… could that give them a superhero: ‘Spidersan’?  Decisive males can play it by ear also.  Nic Cage in the Big Easy having a Little Hard time remembering exactly where he lives.  Speaking of New Orleans… the 5-O, where y’at?  Drive-bys and cat killings galore as cops are slow to react.  Ryan spins the news: personal freedom.  Jonathan discovers the freedom of electronic cigarettes and the tech pitfalls thereof.  Jonathan’s head held high in Vegas.  Easter on the way brings thoughts of holiday candies to our minds and Jonathan asks Ryan what holiday mascots he lies to his child about.  Speaking of candy: top (prescription) drugs in the United States, what do they tell us about our society?  Speaking of strung out:  Trump for president – what happens when unregulated ego jumps on the Tea Party wagon?  Some news: cops can make your cell phone their bitch – now with CellBrite(™) / Restrepo director killed in Libya doing something meaningful while we bring you a List of Lists: top things in film / music / etc…  Ryan reviews Scream 4, the original Tron and Tron legacy, Jonathan recalls his favorite lion film Savage Harvest (narrowly beating out the Lion King).  Some nerding out: Tiger Woods game by EA / Saints update / Ricky Gervais’ new show on HBO and a wrap up with IMDB star meter ego indulgence.


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Ep12: Leaving Las Vegas


Thanks for all the inebriated amnesia!

We come back a week after the fellas have their own respective stints in entertainment.  Ryan plays the other man in short film the Long Lost Last Weekend and Jonathan is the opener / emcee at the Improv at Harrah’s on-the-stip in lovely, historic Las Vegas.  Jonathan comes face-to-bicep with male dance group ‘Thunder from Down Under’ and gets phat bank for cameo in Jonah Hex residuals (no, not really).  The guys do a self obsessed IMDB star meter ranking update in light of entertainment gigs that causes flaccid egos, but hey – the Nerd Aristocracy does break over 2000 unique listens with about 200 proud Nerd Proletariet listeners!
DJ Andyredrum lends some more tunes for our break as we learn that yes, finally Pirates of the Caribbean 4 is announced.  This causes a general debate over films who should’ve never have seen a sequel.  New Wonder Woman costume upsets nerds and breaks the bank accounts of Cosplay fans.  The Corporation for Public Broadcasting keeps its funding!! (for now)  Tax the fat cat debate, Jesse ‘The Body’ / ‘The Governor’ Ventura likes E.T. and still has no time to bleed.  Rebel nerd hijacks part of Gaddafi’s clamped down communications network and claims it for the resistance.  Love hurts for true: heart break is physical pain.  Nerding out: Ryan on Neil Gaiman’s Fragile Things -the title of which he cannot recall-, Jonathan continues to edit his six-part mini series for the Ken Burns and Oliver Stone epic ‘Love Leaks’.  Ryan gives his hands-on impression of the Motorola Xoom and we have some Nerd Aristocracy swag to share around.

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Ep11: Computer Insecurity 101

Syrian hacker Mr. Venus' tramp stamp

Venus rhymes with...

Oh the irony!  The Nerd Aristocracy’s .com is hacked by Syrian Mr. Venus and some others from the ole’ Soviet Bloc.  This brings Ryan into an in-depth and flawed detail what a ‘White Hat’, ‘Black Hat’, and ‘Red Hat’ are in terms of computer security.  Some brief parenting tips flawed in a different way that will undoubtedly raise a red flag for DHS and Ryan assuredly mis-corrects Jonathan about the sex of Dr. Spock.  Ryan gives his impressions of the Nintendo 3DS in which he is anticipating impending class-action suits from the parents of cross-eyed children and families of morons who are bound to walk in front of buses.  This brings a general stink eye towards the latest 3D hype in general.  Jonathan holds on to his late adoption of new tech and the virtues (and shame) of it.  Jonathan goes to HubFest in Hattiesburg, Mississippi drawing an enthusiastic ‘Meh’ from him as the festival pleasure center of his brain is oatmeal after living in New Orleans for years.  Jonathan Bell to play the Improv at Harrah’s on the strip in Las Vegas from April 5th – April 10th!  Free tix to all who email  Jonathan and Ryan assess their fact-checking department’s record on par with Fox News and realize that just because facts are wrong doesn’t mean the discussion isn’t entertaining!  Jonathan recommends an excellent docu-memorial about Greg Giraldo featuring some of the most talented comedians around and some of his personal experience in the world that is Comic.

Back from the break with cut-n’-paste religion: Thomas Jefferson’s Cliff Notes, an 85-page Bible reduction served with a side of philosophy of spirituality vs. religious doctrine paired with a tangy Council of Nicaea that Ryan mis-dates by about a millennia: but who’s counting?  “She’s a witch!”  And she’s prevented from securing the friendly skies: TSA agent fired for casting spells on car heaters.  Natalie Portman’s stand-in dancer (dance-in?) from Black Swan raises a bitch fest wanting people to realize the movie is not actually real while sabotaging any chance she’ll ever work in film again.  This brings Ryan and Jonathan to share some experiences standing in on The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons, Final Destination 4: 3D, and Freshmen Orientation.  Ryan assesses that Brad Pitt can be like the Ark of the Covenant: powerful, silent and ‘Don’t look at it, Marion’, while Jason Flemyng is a jolly chap and David Fincher is accommodating and generally awesome.  Science news: computer can map your dreams and Jonathan’s concern about runaway technology that’ll enable Transformer-armed paraplegics to burst through you wall and steal Diet Coke from your fridge.  We end with an overview of the (IMDB) Internet Movie DataBase’s Star Meter – Ryan down and Jonathan up.


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