Jesse Meriwether:

Ep38:Riding the Rails


Episode 38 kicks off with a bang… or rather, a choo-choo. Same thing, right? No tech probs occur, as the regular recording schedule kicks into high gear. Jonathan recounts his Ghostbusters in the theatre experience, and the guys talk directors’ cuts. Ryan gives a thorough review of his credit history, and all things “credit” are discussed, including: identity theft, how to get bad credit, and credit score algorithms. Jonathan name drops his friend Corey, and friend-of-the-show Jesse. Our guest for the next show, Erin Barnes, is discussed, which leads to discussions on international marital statuses. Ryan talks shop on his MacBookPro… literally. He moves on to customer service chatter. (In English, not Hindi). The guys mourn the loss of Steve Jobs, and Ryan hides his tears. Jonathan celebrates the brilliance that is biographer, author, and genius Walter Isaacson. The bandwagon fills, and the new iPhone 4s is discussed. Ryan fills the proletariat in on hardware-hacking the iPhone 4. Arby’s coupons: the enemy of vegetarians everywhere. Ryan divulges that he uses the services of a personal chef. No wonder his credit is bad. Renting furniture: For idiots, or for morons? There’s a warrant out for Ryan’s arrest (SRSLY)… and legal remedies are pondered. The Quidditch World Cup gets underway in NYC. Spontaneous human combustion goes down in Ireland, real haunted happenings in a fake haunted house, and the smell of carcass in the morning. Jonathan previews an upcoming special topic involving “psychologically impacted” properties. Ryan gives his fail-safe gambling strategy, and admits to fraud. The guys wrap it up, and noone gets pregnant! Go forth, and listen…



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Ep15: Lint Licking


Catching up on a great week all around with general gripes!  Ryan blows an acting gig by attempting to believe in a worth for himself and the guys wax on about negotiating with people who hold the ‘fuck you’ card.  Jonathan has tooth pain from hell and a PC virus from hell.  Red-letter episode as we have our first call-in guest, commercial actress extraordinaire Jesse Meriwether, who we talk the business that is show with: including being a parent, best and worst gigs, people who sucks karma getting the better of them and some production experiences.  Tidy wrap up with an Osama death photo release prediction, PlayStation Network still down (der), Nerding Out on pain and Twin Peaks and a live execution on the podcast!


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