Ep31: Noming Like Nero


It's worth it....

We begin by lightly chewing our tongues, and Ryan regales us with tech woes. Roller derby after-party fun-time, JB recommends Marc Maron on John Oliver’s New York Stand-Up Show, newly released Comedy Central. We compare and contrast Maron with another podcasting giant, Adam Carolla. Recollections of first exposure to stand up comedy, and the hook of funny. Soft talk, and our Christmas Special. “ARRR! What a find!” Terror of the Mind’s Eye, This Week in Nerd History, JB’s fav pizza: Giordano’s Famous Chicago Style Pizza, (but he’s wrong on the price). Who ya gonna call? Shitty sequels from once awesome franchises, decades too late. How to raise a lesbian: Parenting Tips with Ryan. Nerding Out, App of the Week, and This Week in Rap Philosophy.


Blackbeard’s Ship Article from the National Geographic
Have a Giordano’s Pizza shipped to your house!


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Nerd on the Street: Star Wars Dance Party



We take to New Orleans for this installment of Nerd on the Street to the infamous spaceport locally known as 1135 Decatur.  You will never find a more wretched hive of nerd and villainy.  We must be cautious.

Please leave comments on the YouTube video page.  Nerd up!
Hyper props to:
Klipar, for use of his Imperial March (Original) available @

Members of the 501st online @

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Ep07: The Girl with the Nerd Tattoo

Noomi Rapace will gut us like a Swedish fish.

Noomi Rapace will gut us like a Swedish fish.

A red-letter episode as we officially announce the officialness of our podcasting might by being listed in iTunes! Now easily downloadable from iTunes which will remember where in each episode you may leave off for easy listening goodness. Child’s play with elementary theatre, Middle East unrest (still… wow, go figure), the catch-22 of Republican doctrine, Apple minute with the new MacBook Pro’s being announced and the new Thunderbolt tech to surpass USB 3.0. Ryan spirals into more Nerdosity as he questions Jonathan’s actual nerd-ness and relates how the hacker collective Anonymous is spanking intolerant church cults while lone hacker GeoHot is being spanked by Sony for cracking the PlayStation 3 source code but is getting mass public support for his legal defense fund. Jonathan follows Ryan’s movie recommendations after someone whose opinion he actually values suggests it: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Ryan offers a show for consideration Jonathan poo-poos on because he’s just too young to appreciate it: Men of a Certain Age. Ryan offers some bachelor diet advice. Everyone’s sick, dead baby dolphins (thanks BP), listener comments. Jonathan ranks his lady’s merits.


GeoHot digging in against Sony – Hacker who originally jailbroke the iPhone on YouTube

Get to know Anonymous

Click to catch up with cyber vigilantes: Anonymous.

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