Nicolas Cage:

Ep36: TAKE IT!


All new: all old news! Obama in the White House and a satellite fell to Earth. Q & A with NASA representative, Dr. Bell. Onto climate debates and the increasing polarizing state of politics with Fox News tipping the scales. Do your part with a home solar kit: now almost affordable!

Mental visual recordings: now with 1000% more creepiness. Scientists can now image visuals the brain thinks about. Seriously. Seriously awesome. Kid has ghost meeting with unknown dead sibling. We wax on about the afterlife, spirits and some paranormal goodness. Wow, more creepy / awesomeness. Nic Cage, the vampire. Dark Shadows, the movie is underway and promisingly good Tim Burton fodder. We end with an aggressive campaign for you infecting your loved ones with us.





U.C. Berkeley Scientists’ Brain Visions Research

Boy recalls past-life

Outro by YouTube user: daffeization daffeization’s YouTube channel


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Ep13: It’s 420 … man


I meant to post this earlier...

A brief history of 420 before a bummer reflection on the BP oil spill and the Japanese nuclear issue… could that give them a superhero: ‘Spidersan’?  Decisive males can play it by ear also.  Nic Cage in the Big Easy having a Little Hard time remembering exactly where he lives.  Speaking of New Orleans… the 5-O, where y’at?  Drive-bys and cat killings galore as cops are slow to react.  Ryan spins the news: personal freedom.  Jonathan discovers the freedom of electronic cigarettes and the tech pitfalls thereof.  Jonathan’s head held high in Vegas.  Easter on the way brings thoughts of holiday candies to our minds and Jonathan asks Ryan what holiday mascots he lies to his child about.  Speaking of candy: top (prescription) drugs in the United States, what do they tell us about our society?  Speaking of strung out:  Trump for president – what happens when unregulated ego jumps on the Tea Party wagon?  Some news: cops can make your cell phone their bitch – now with CellBrite(™) / Restrepo director killed in Libya doing something meaningful while we bring you a List of Lists: top things in film / music / etc…  Ryan reviews Scream 4, the original Tron and Tron legacy, Jonathan recalls his favorite lion film Savage Harvest (narrowly beating out the Lion King).  Some nerding out: Tiger Woods game by EA / Saints update / Ricky Gervais’ new show on HBO and a wrap up with IMDB star meter ego indulgence.


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