Ep28: Love Thy Neighbor


Whoo boy! Another site hack, aren’t we popular? Ryan catches us up with some neighborly love as Jonathan rekindles affection with the New Orleans Saints in their first pre-season game. Abercrombie & Fitch is unhappy about their current “Situation” of douchedom. Lebowski Fest comes, and the fans abide. Tithe the Crown! Click our Amazon link before you buy that thing you don’t really need, but oh-so deserve, and you shall strengthen the dominion of the Aristocracy! Ryan on Rango, gives way to talk about CGI kids flicks and dark films for kids of yore. Jonathan works over ‘The Help’ , and we deny the allegations that they are bringing to court. “Left here, you turn… mmyesss”: Garmin rolls out the force of assisted driving with Yoda and Darth Vader packs. A shot and a haircut: two fav’s at the R-Bar in New Orleans. “Can you spot me a BMW?”: this weeks coolest ‘solid’. Swarminoid and MABEL: meet your new overlords. Man, finches are so gay. Breaking news: Processed meats can be bad for you. Celebrity Tweet of the Week, This Week in Nerd History, nerding out on the iPad, rants about ebooks and cheaters of online Scrabble!

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