Ep04: Kill a Good Thing

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  1. MdS 02/07/2011, 11:48 pm:

    So- can one conclude, given information revealed in the shows so far, that Mr. Bell, with his size 13 Cons, has meat to match the feet?

    • Jonathan 02/09/2011, 2:44 pm:

      Well, up to this point, I have not received any complaints. That’s about all I can say…

  2. Jeffrey Brown 02/09/2011, 1:41 pm:

    I was robbed once. Nestle temporarily had a Buttefinger hot coco once. It was discontinued and whatever is left in the stores are the last ever made and should be held precious. But I am a d-bag with a not vintage Goonies t-shirt my girlfriend got me at Target with not sexual bartering that I love wearing cause I saw the movie and it got me out of a speeding ticket. It was a lady cop and bitches love Goonies

    • Jonathan 02/09/2011, 2:45 pm:

      Say what?

      • Jeffrey Brown 02/09/2011, 3:00 pm:

        I was speeding in a very small school zone. I was goin 45 missed the sign and I got pulled over with an expired Mississippi license in Oklahoma and got no ticket. She saw my Goonies shirt and was entranced and aroused by my boyish charms and interest in the 80’s that reminds her of her youth when she might have been young boy listening to Zeppelin when she got pulled over by a lady cop. but yeah every time I get in trouble wearin it and a woman handles my future I get outta it. Bitches love Goonies.

        • ryan 02/10/2011, 6:18 pm:

          Thanks for sharing, we utilized this in Ep05 while criticizing it at the same time… I’ve never had the pleasure of having a lady cop pull me over; or tranny cop for that matter.

  3. Jeffrey Brown 02/10/2011, 10:05 pm:

    Hey thats what fans are for. Gotta pick at a few sheep to sharpen the herd. Your herd happens to be very small. Proud to see my terrible typing skills to flaw your ellecution on recording. I will clean the giz from my keyboard next time.

    • ryan 02/10/2011, 10:45 pm:

      Yeah, that’s from my seasoned performance skills: never pre-read what you intend to record, it just robs the moment out of it.

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