Ep05: Does the Meat Match the Feet?

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  1. Jeffrey Brown 02/11/2011, 6:37 am:

    I had forgot about them robbing us of our culture. Where can I find more bout the GOP raping our artists.

    • ryan 02/11/2011, 8:21 am:

      There’s this fantastic, obscure website you may be unaware of; it’s what is known as a ‘search engine’, but it’s not really a machine-like ‘engine': it’s a web page -located at ‘www.google.com’ when you get there use some search terms like ‘republicans arts’ and tell me the ratio of benevolent relationships in the articles you find versus negative ones.

      • Jeffrey Brown 02/11/2011, 3:30 pm:

        Wow Ryan! That’s amazing! That is why I trust the Nerd Aristocracy with all of my tech support and nerd related needs! If you liked this comment chain you may also enjoy: the ASPCA commercials, the musings of Glenn Beck, and the Nerd Aristocracy podcast!

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