Ep06: Angry Gentry


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  1. Jeffrey Brown 02/18/2011, 1:53 pm:

    See, Cage is a d-bag. Although I did take your recommendation. Mr. Bell should watch “Leaving Las Vagas” atleast once. It is artsy and boring and long but Cage really put himself into the roll and kicked its ass. Raising Arizona still not available to stream from Netflix so I’m waiting for that one.

    • ryan 02/18/2011, 9:48 pm:

      Way to force yourself beyond your present knowledge… nope no Raising AZ on Netflix yet, but give Matchstick Men a whirl, pretty good Cage and has our boy Sam Rockwell all up in it.

      • Jeffrey Brown 02/19/2011, 11:26 am:

        I’ll give it to him that he was believable (watched it last night) but he was also given a pretty defined character. I have tourettes and ocd. It’s not hard to fake the symptoms or act like something really bothers you. But the movie was pretty good, my only legit issue is with the editor for the transitions. It could have done without flipping the screne or those quarter second cross fades I use cause my camera/actors suck and or dont take ques. I felt like I was watching a power point before I really got into it and it stopped bothering me.

  2. Brittni 02/21/2011, 12:30 pm:

    Jonathan, this one’s for you…I like hearing about your girlfriend and all, but what does she have that all those other girls who defriended you on facebook dont have? I mean, someone of your high comedic level would seemingly be with someone who is at least kinda close to being as witty as you are. Is she humerous or does she find pranks and jokes immature? like does she like this Nerd stuff? Also, Train is such a good band! I think you need to take the time to listen to some of their stuff. That “Marry Me” song is going to be a classic. Ryan, props to you for liking Black Swan.

    • Jonathan 02/25/2011, 10:41 am:


      Please listen to Episode 7 for a full response to all of your comments. Thanks for listening!


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