Ep07: The Girl with the Nerd Tattoo


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  1. diana 02/24/2011, 11:01 am:

    Great. . . Love it

  2. Jeffrey Brown 02/25/2011, 6:53 am:

    Alan Rickman is a fine British voice for this, Nic Cage doing his acting if you want to sleep quickly, George Takei, Isaac Hayes, Lenord Nimoy, Patrick Stewart, maybe Sean Connery or other bonds like Bronsan. If I were to cast “Little Red Riding Hood” I would have Angelina Jolie play an adult Red Riding Hood, Johnny Depp could play the wolf (he can sound pretty sadistic), Betty White would play the Grandmother, and the hunter that saves them would be played by Sean Connery. If I come up with more I will start a forum post.

  3. Jeffrey Brown 02/28/2011, 6:26 am:

    Forget anyone ever suggested before. You need to get: Christopher “The Bad Ass” Walken

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