Ep12: Leaving Las Vegas


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  1. Cynthia 04/17/2011, 10:07 pm:

    The ‘inside’ stuff is really cool to know about show business thanks for sharing! The imdb thing is fun too but dont get obsessed with it, you guys are funny and I really like the quick back and forths. Jonathon is very monotone and sometimes I drift when he goes on, maybe more drugs -haha Ryan is funny but he swallows his words sometimes too or speaks to low to hear. Don’t want to be too critical b/c you guys have me rollling at times!!! Keep it up ;winning!’

  2. Jeffrey Brown 04/20/2011, 2:55 pm:

    Hide ya kids hide ya wife cuz we be puttin Aristocracy stickus on e’ry where up in here

    • Jonathan 04/21/2011, 10:28 am:

      J. Brown is the mad notes! Thank you sir, your rockage is unparalleled!

      • Jeffrey Brown 04/21/2011, 2:35 pm:

        Why thank you sir, I’m going to copy this compliment and e-mail it to my now proud mother.

  3. kiwisupergirl7 04/04/2012, 1:14 pm:

    Home Alone 3 should never have been made. I am cool with 1 & 2.
    This is great, love you both =)

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