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  1. Jeffrey Brown 04/26/2011, 4:36 pm:

    I enjoyed the Scream 4 film, not to shit on Ryan’s rights to hate a film. not because it was a genre shocking epic piece of cinema genius but becuase I enjoy the cocky self awareness that the 2 killers and film savy cast bring to the films. It satired in the terrible lameness that was and is the film industry formulas for suspense and fear that repeatedly fail while mantaining the suspense and fear that comes with a good horror film. the killer itself is a successful icon to horror culture because of how comedic and sadistic “Ghost Face” is because the 2 killers that make him are cinema nerds who over nerd on their favorite genre and decide to make a game of killing everyone in tribute to the genre in the hopes that films will be made in the image of their works. He is more sadistic and goal oriented than Freddy Kruegar and sarcastic and bearing of personality unlike the Jason or Mike Myers franchises. Although the character of the continuous survivor is lame and boring. Scream 4 stands out particularly in this series because it was a tribute to how aweful and cleche the franchise allowed itsef to be in the 2nd and 3rd films that sucked bawls and took the appropriate shots at what it is to remake something that is over done; like to sarcastic film buffs who kill people in sick appreciation of their favorite scary movies by making it into a game. This film also is of importance because it tries to close the door on possible sequels to the long running and monumental film series without tarnishing the original characters and mythology the original film created and also restoring it a little in my eyes. But if you are not fresh on film 1 this movie loses much value in its comedic opening scene that satires itself on how aweful the other films are and leaves you feeling this one is going to be. But as far as horror goes i feel it didnt take as many cheap shots and lame kills and and immediately predicted kills an ameture would make or a modern director trying to mark the industry, Wes Craven knocks some of the rust from his blad by using his loved false securities shortly after most suspense has disipated and strikes the audience into a blade cut scene of shock and brutality. It is a far cry better than the other franchises surviving these last ten years and certainly stomps the hell out of the Saw series in its entirety (even number one). Johnathan I think as a comedian and a horror fan as you mentioned you would atleast enjoy one and probably laugh at 4 and could just skip the other 2 in the franchise if you want. Ryan if you havnt seen 1 yet I encourage it becuase it really is essential to the value of film lore withing Scream 4. Halloween 3-6 do not care to explain who Mike Myers is. Just like all satire or comedy in general, the more you know the funnier and more fullfilling the jokes are to you. I hope you enjoyed this and the possible hundreds of typos involved in this article. there was a better one before this but my internet cut out as soon as I tried to post; should have got a Mac.

  2. ryan 04/27/2011, 7:25 am:

    Um, yeah. I’ll disagree on several points. Savvy cast – no, not really except maybe Hayden Panettiere and David Arquette: Courtney Cox acts like hamburger meat someone wanted to cook for dinner, but forgot to take out of the freezer in the morning for a proper defrost. Neve Campbell most times appears she’s waiting for her residuals check to be dropped in on a fishing line by Wes Craven and the others… meh. The chick cop was funny. Sure Ghostface is all those things, but unfortunately the people that supposedly are him lack all of his attributes when they reveal themselves with the exception of the fight scene in the hospital. Ghostface moves like ninja smoke until he actually is engaged by someone, then he has the prowess of Don Knots. Those kids couldn’t move like that, they didn’t display it, and the height issue – if and only if the guy played GF would the height match up, that girl was tiny so couldn’t be GF in any scene we saw him next to another character. Also that actress kinda sucked, she had the sadistic verisimilitude of Rebecca Black Anyway, the last thing Wes Craven touched that wasn’t his penis, a turd, or a suitcase of cash from Satan’s bank was The Serpent and the Rainbow. I saw Scream 1 … it was alright, few chuckles. Saw 1 was better in terms of ingenuity of story and filmmaking as was Hostel. Thanks for your input – you and millions of others will like it, but not my cup of Earl Grey -hot.

    • Jeffrey Brown 04/27/2011, 9:10 pm:

      When I said cast I was trying more at relating the chracters in the film not the actors who portrayed them. that aside, I agree with absolutely everything in your reasons for not liking the film. I guess I was captured by the cheap laughs im not sure I was supposed to be having at the film. I will how ever defend Ghost Face to the death as a fair premis for a horror slasher, that being smart ass teens trying to inspire horror films based on themselves and making messed up games of killing people in the name of the genre. Perhaps he would have faired better in a different script and maybe an industry with a little more integrity. GF an 8:10 for the killer alone to me. as far as the lore around the big four still having movies made about them: GF, Mike Myers (more because of the Loomis character and the ore John Carpenter built for them, not becuase he is awesome he is just a pretty Jason), Freddy Krueger (he might deserve 2nd more than Myers), and then Jason.

  3. ryan 04/28/2011, 12:05 pm:

    Continuing dialog of Scream 4 to be found at the forums at this link here.

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