Ep19: Weiner-Jawa Civil War


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  1. Jeffrey Brown 06/14/2011, 12:14 pm:

    You should see Steve Wozniak’s character in the G4 original series “Code Monkeys” he is really only in the first couple of episodes though. This series is a pixelated cartoon taking place in the 80s about game programmers with seemingly no work place ethics. It is good for cheap laughs so don’t turn it on thinking about how smart and sophisticated your taste in television is just let some laughs roll over you and the pot head humor will be more enjoyable.

    • Jeffrey Brown 06/14/2011, 12:14 pm:

      ^^ that is free stream on Netflix as well.

  2. Jonathan 06/14/2011, 11:07 pm:

    I will definitely check it out! Thanks!

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