Ep20: Buzz Kill


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  1. Jeffrey Brown 06/21/2011, 4:55 pm:

    RE5 Is awesome. Do not play it alone the partner to Chris Redfield, Sheva, has the worst programming for a co-op npc ever. She gets herself killed, wastes ammo, picks up shit she shouldn’t pick up and other terrible things for someone you trust to save your life. The game stays pretty awesome until the series long time antagonist, Wesker, becomes Neo from the Matrix and kills the boner the rest of the game brings. You should spend the $10 bucks on a previously owned copy of RE4 it is probably the best in the series and is the first to introduce the over the shoulder shooter system to the series so it’s a little monumental. Other credentials would include being named Game of the Year for 2004. Pretty awesome series.

  2. Jonathan 06/21/2011, 7:58 pm:

    Wow, so RE4 came out in ’04 and ’05 wasn’t released until 2011? Crazy.

  3. ryan 06/21/2011, 11:41 pm:

    I think he means 5 came out in ’11, but it seems RE4 came out in ’05 and RE5 came out in ’09… Nice, Jeff – Something I’ll never forgive the Matrix series for is all the horrid copycats from movies to video games… (the creators thinking) “Hmmm, we need a bad-ass bad guy here… I know, we’ll have him dodge bullets in rotoscoped slow motion and do flips to avoid bullets, wasting tremendous energy rather than just dodging to the side or dropping to the ground”… Me and the missus are cutting thru RE5 -currently, we’re on the boat and just deep-sixed Wesker’s Russian ho that sounds a lot like the variety of big boobed creatively vapid bad guys that carry a stock ‘Natasha’ accent after she turned into the giant vomit-octopus. (You know the one) I really like how the game forces you to give a damn about the other player and help ‘em out, how they starve you of ammo like a junkie being on a forced smack diet and how I giggle at the level of disgusting they deliver.

  4. Jeffrey Brown 06/22/2011, 11:06 pm:

    I can’t recall if the feature is unlocked before or after campaign is completed, but the Mercenary mode is the most notable game option in 5. It was also introduced in 4 but it gives you what you really play Resident Evil for; hordes of undead in wave-style-combat. Still recommend RE4 for completely better than RE5 in story and gameplay, but alas it lacks the splendor of co-op killing.

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