Ep22: Crunk It Up


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  1. Jeffrey Brown 07/12/2011, 11:58 pm:

    I am on the tail end of your generation’s work in bringing dignity to nerds. I am a sociable nerd and saw the clear gradation between what strife was involved in having such a burden between early grade school onto my recent finish of high school. High school is not so bad any more unless you truly go out of your way to make people want to kick your ass. Thank you.

  2. Jessica Brown 07/13/2011, 9:42 am:

    I enjoyed how you used the same tune from the YouTube video for filler between segments. Nice reinforcement there. About the nerds paving the way, I must tip my hat to them. I grew up in that interim period where society was transitioning. I vaguely remember being made fun of in Jr. High for being a nerd of epic proportions, but by the time I made it to high school it felt as if I had set a trend or something. If there’s such a thing as a popular nerd I was one of them. Nerd Queen perhaps? It says something that the most popular organization in my high school when I was there, was the fine arts club (which no longer exists). And I was in that as an officer. Opened a lot of doors later when we all decided to form the DCPC (Del City Presidents Club) which was simply all the presidents of all the organizations in the school together who did, of all things, school art projects including painted murals, benches hand crafted by industrious band members, and the first rival school band vs. band powder-puff style football game. Actually got more money out of that then the real powder-puff game.

  3. Tigrrrfly 07/30/2011, 10:27 am:

    Hey guys. Where are those Potter links? I am one of those nerds that would like to read that butter beer article and see that video of the cast on the last days of filming.

  4. Jonathan 07/30/2011, 4:19 pm:

    Sorry about that!

    Butterbeer Link:

    And “Saying Goodbye…” Beware, you WILL cry. I did, and I’m not afraid to admit it.

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