Ep23: Game of Hillbillies


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  1. Jeffrey Brown 07/21/2011, 11:29 pm:

    Yeah comedy central puts out new shows like people are putting out bad super hero movies but The Chappelle Show wasn’t pulled, Dave left to go do the “black guy exploring himself” thing in Africa. But if you read into now he is doing stand up comedy again and he is brilliant so I’m sure he will have a show again. But yeah Dave pulled the show in the production for season 3, wasn’t ripped in typical comedy central fashion.

  2. Jonathan 07/22/2011, 12:18 am:

    Correct. When I referred to Chappelle’s Show, I was referencing Comedy Central’s tendency to drag shows out that have ended for one reason or another. They did it with Chappelle, and they do it routinely with South Park as well. Move stuff around, play one episode every 3 weeks, draw out 1 season for 9 months. Its crazy.

  3. Jeffrey Brown 07/22/2011, 12:38 am:

    True that. They could probably keep more of their original content shows if people could rely on being able to tune in on the time they advertise. And Ryan did some pretty awesome editing on the Nerds on the Street, wanted to shout out to that. Been in the editing bay but never for anything without a defined timeline and just the nature of editing could have made that a pile of shit, great work very funny. Your performance was good as a comedy news reporter. The whole piece reminded me a lot of Daily Show/Colbert Report faux correspondence.

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