Ep27: Hollywood Hold’em


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  1. JBrown 08/09/2011, 12:47 am:

    Just remember you have to periodically change what toothpaste you use just like you have to change deodorants and other hygiene products. I use to get into shark week every year, not cause I love sharks or was part of that generation of people scared shitless by Jaws, but because the magic box made a big deal of it and the Myth Busters used to put a special out once in a while. This year I saw Deep Blue Sea at 3 am while I was at work.

  2. Jonathan 08/09/2011, 1:30 am:

    That reminds me. In college I made up a drink called the Deep Blue Sea. It was a big hit. Haven’t made one in years. Might have to bring it back.

  3. Jeffrey Brown 08/09/2011, 8:20 am:

    What’s in it?

  4. Jonathan 08/09/2011, 9:23 am:

    It’s basically a 7 and 7 with a splash of bubble-gum flavored syrup. Its pretty damn good, and the girls loved it.

  5. JBrown 08/09/2011, 10:24 am:

    I have no idea what that means. but I love me some bubble gum.

    • Jessica 08/09/2011, 11:55 am:

      Its Vodka and 7up with bubblegum Jeff

  6. ryan 08/09/2011, 12:03 pm:

    Oh, children -chuckle knowingly & sigh- …it’s Seagram’s 7 (blended whiskey) and 7-Up… you guys get the internets, right?

  7. Jeffrey Brown 08/10/2011, 11:27 pm:

    I would think it only appropriate to google if you care to venture a guess, Jessica

    • MissJessica88hko 08/11/2011, 12:24 pm:

      Meh, thats what we used to give people at Roadhouse, but I take no shame in not knowing about fruity mixed beverages lol. I think there are worse things to be undereducated or misinformed about. I drink beer and wine and i’m fine with that

  8. Jonathan 08/11/2011, 1:46 am:

    Ryan’s right. Seagram’s 7 and 7-up, with a splash of bubble gum syrup. The ladies love em’… and I’m not ashamed to say, despite the fruity blue color, I find them quite tasty myself.

  9. JBrown 08/11/2011, 1:59 am:

    I have seen to much of fruitier things coming into the urology clinic to say a drink only half as girly as my hero’s (Dr John Dorrian) favorite drink, the appletini, is anything to be ashamed of.

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